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Your probably wondering what micro-addictions are. They are little things that stop you from living your life to the fullest. Maybe it's a smoking habbit. Smoking stains your teeth, makes you and your clothes smell bad, and creates health risks. You might begin to think about all this. Another micro-addiction may be over-thinking. Over-thinking and over-analzying everything and anything. You just can't stop thinking about it. So you don't take action on it. This stops a lot of people from following their dreams.

Micro-addictions are killer. They kill your life because they stop your life. They stop you from doing what you really want or getting what you really want. So to annihilate them I have created a few ways to do so. . . They aren't unique. Some of them are so simple you'll wonder why I listed them in the first place. We'll because not everyone does them! You know them but you don't do them! You can compare it to having a billion dollars in the bank but not spending it.

1) Do Your Best

Always do your best. You have probably heard that from many of your elders. Your mother, father, and teachers may have said this. They said it because it is true! You need to just do your best. Not everyone is a superstar the instant they do it. If you are new, it will take some time. Even if you aren't new to it. You might not have practiced as much as others have!

If you try your best, but fail. Well it may be because it wasn't the right timing. Or you need to practice more. There are numerous factors to succeeding. One thing you must remember is to never go back to self-pity. Self-pity will just create a vicious cycle that will have you down and blue. You'll forget or stop trying to achieve what you are trying to achieve. Keep at it and do your best!

2) Little By Little

Little by little you should start chipping away at the habit. You might not succeed because your afraid of drastic changes immediately. That is okay! Many of us are. Not everyone can just change over-night. Granted there are those few who can. The majority of people are afraid of breaking out of their comfort zone to do so. So just take it slow and easy. Never be in a rush.

3) Build Momentum

Start building momentum. The way you begin to build momentum is start small. Start focusing on smaller tasks that will add up to bigger ones. You can think big, but just act small. When you think big you have the big picture. While your small thinking will have you doing the small tasks to make the big picture.

Micro-addictions won't go away fast. It does take time, but eventually they'll be annihilate it. Just follow the three tips I've shared with you.