Apply Backspin & Suck it Back!

Pay close attention to professional golfers when they play golf shots to the green. You'll often see the ball stop dead after only one or two bounces. Sometimes the ball will suck back towards the hole and gallery seems to be amazed as though it was some sort of magic trick. The player just applied a little extra backspin to his golf ball. It's really not that hard to do. You can easily do the same thing and wow your playing partners when you know how. You just need to know which clubs to use and the simple technique outlined below.

The higher lofted clubs - 8 irons to sand Wedges - are ideal for adding extra backspin to your golf ball because they give the ball added height with backspin. The ball spins in a an opposite direction of its flight - this reverse spin helps to stop the ball on landing and under the right conditions causes the ball to suck back after one bounce the greens.

To make the ball spin or suck back on the greens (and do what the Pros do), you must apply the following steps when striking the golf ball:

1.) Make sure that your clubface is clean and the groves are free from dirt.

Use a wire brush then a moist towel to remove debris from the club face

2.) Clean your golf ball at every opportunity.

3.) With short in hand, align your feet, hips, and shoulders slightly left of your target.

4.) Put a little more weight than usual on your left side.

5.) Open the clubface slightly.

6.) Hit down and through the ball to ensure sharp contact.

Things You Will Need




Right Brand of Golf Ball


Tips & Warnings

I suggest that you practice applying backspin with a 56 degree sand wedge on the range or practice green before using this shot during a round of golf. Also, I recommend experimenting with several different brands of golf balls - the softer the ball, the more backspin.