If you are aware that in order to be paid online most people setup a paypal account in order to be paid for what they do. Paypal has a debit card that you can apply for depending on certain crietria. Read this how to so you can apply for the Paypal debit card.

Things You Will Need

buisness or premier paypal account that has been in good standing for at 60 days

a want to get a debit card from paypal

paypal that has been verified

Step 1

Sign into your paypal as you would normally.

Step 2

Next click on the word Products and Services.

Step 3

Look on the next paypal screen and in the left hand lower corner you will see the words Paypal Debit Card click that.

Step 4

Give all the info needed to apply for the paypal debit card. You will be asked your address, and social security info so beaware of that. Read all the terms and condtions before sumbiting your application.

Step 5

Log out and wait for an email for being apporoved for the paypal debit card. It can take a few mintues or a few days either way you should receive an email stating if you go the card or not.

Having the Paypal Debit card can give you axcess to your money quicker than transfering the funds to a bank account. Personally if you enjoy earning from Paypal this card might make your life a lot easier.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you keep all records sent to you from Paypal.

Use real info always.