Nowadays, the aim to putting on makeup is to make it look as natural as possible, hoping for people to think that one is as pretty as she is, without the help of scientific research and the cosmetic industry.

Thus, in comes liquid makeup. Liquid makeup is the cosmetic type very ideal for people that have dry and flaky skin as they usually contain moisturizing ingredients and they liquid base also helps.

However, there are also liquid makeup now made for those with oily skin so basically anyone who wants liquid makeup can use them on their face.

Here are some quick tips on applying liquid makeup flawlessly.

1. Start with the foundation. Have a dollop of the liquid foundation drop on your fingers, careful not to touch the bottle opening with your fingers as this may contaminate the product.

Start applying the foundation, from the T-zone then blend it outwards. Make sure you get to blend the foundation before it even dries out on your face.

2. Next, make the eyes prettier with eye makeup. Dab a drop of liquid eye shadow on your makeup soft-haired brush and start on the center of the upper lid, then blend to the outer regions with your clean fingers.

Apply liquid eyeliner next, which is quite a tricky task but can be achieved perfectly with a steady hand. Start it off by using pencil eyeliner to make light dashes on your upper lid.

Then you work with the liquid eyeliner, making sure that it is properly wet, without being too wet that a drop of liquid is forming at the tip. Streak the upper eyelid from the inner area outward. Dry the eyeliner first before working on the other areas.

3. Get 3-5 drops of cheek tint, smile, then blend the tint on the apples of your cheeks using a sponge wedge.

4. The most natural liquid lipstick is the liquid lip tint. Just streak on the brush on your lips, blend then add some gloss to make it shiny.