If you really want to look cool at your Halloween Party or for any special “zombie themed” night then here are a few makeup tips that will give you such a realistic look that no one will recognize you.  Getting more of a 3D effect really makes this look more realistic and you can get this effect with many food based products at home and a few supplies from the Halloween store or online at places such as Amazon for cheap.

You spend most of the effort on your face and then simply shred those old shirts and pants you didn’t want any more to complete the look.

Give yourself some time to get ready and try and have everything you need in front of

Zombie Makeup TutorialCredit: Amazon.com

 you and prepared ahead of time and you can get this look quickly and instantly change you

r appearance to that of a zombie for yourself and your friends.

How to Do Zombie Makeup - What You Will Need:

Liquid Latex (you can get this in costume stores or online with Amazon, this is a great base for most of the effects and is gentle for most skin, but you may want to try a small area first if you are sensitive.)

Hair Conditioner (this is to give your hair a greasy look)

Some Instant Oatmeal (to give your scabs some texture and this really works well!)

Gelatin (grocery store, you can just use the clear or add makeup to colour it a bit)

Tissues - (makes icky dead skin instantly when paired with the latex!)

Halloween Makeup Kit (Halloween store or online, with the blacks, greys and greens)

Fake Blood (you can purchase this or make your own from red food colouring mixed with corn syrup)

Hair Dryer - This helps your different surfaces to set just don’t have it set too hot for your face, you simply want to dry them out not melt them.

Makeup sponges to help apply some of the colour to your scabs and scar effects.

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this makeup adds gross colours to your scabs, scars and hanging skin.
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this is the perfect base for your effects.

Zombie Makeup Tips

Don’t feel you have to use every tip.  You can use all of the above makeup tips or just some of them.  I found even just using the oatmeal tip makes your skin look nasty and very realistic for Halloween and this works great on kids too.

Put the hair conditioner in your hair and brush it back with your fingers.  This gives your hair that greasy unhealthy look (and your hair will feel great when you rinse it out).

Pull the skin tight and put on some liquid latex and using the hair dryer on medium heat setting, dry it quickly then let the skin go and crevices and wrinkles will show up.  This is the perfect base for the scabby skin scars that you can make now with instant oatmeal mixed with latex.

Oatmeal for Scabs

Put a few blobs of this oatmeal mix on your face especially the forehead with a stick or a spoon and blend a little bit and then dry it quickly with the dryer held at a distance.  You can add some Halloween makeup to this dried icky skin and make it green or yellow for a gross effect of a nasty scar gone very bad.

Using the Gelatin for Hanging Skin

You could simply do the oatmeal scabs all over your face and colour the blobs to look like rotting skin, or you can go another step further by creating the look of decomposing skin or hanging skin especially around the cheek bones, by using gelatin that you can get at the grocery store and preparing it quite thick with less water.

If you want to add this to your costume affect then you will need to make it ahead of time.  Cut it into little pieces and microwave in a cup for a few seconds until it starts to melt but not boil. (check the video out below to see how this works)

Then spread it on the cheeks and then as it sets you can use a makeup sponge or stick or whatever you have to make it look like it is lifting and let it set this way.  Then colour this area with makeup once it sets.

Tissues Make Great Chewed Up Skin

Another way to make hanging skin is to take liquid latex and apply it to your nose or forehead and then quickly add a layer of torn tissues with ragged edges and push into the latex, you may need to add some more latex and then quickly dry it and cover with your choice of rotting skin style makeup.

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If you budget allows, you could add accessories.

The finishing touch of course would be blood and you can use the fake blood you can purchase along with your Halloween makeup kit or you can make your own with red food colouring and corn syrup mixed together and then spread over your scars or splatter. 

You can take this look as far as you want.  You may want to look great on one side of your face and then rotten on the other, which would really freak people out, or make your entire face look horrid.

Last Halloween, I saw this one girl create her best beautiful skin makeup and hair and then just below her cheekbone she created this one area of scabby hanging skin which was a shocking effect as everything else on her looked so perfect!

Using liquid latex, tissues, gelatin and makeup is a great way to get the Zombie look for yourself or for your kids and add a blood spattered white t-shirt and you will be set for the night.

You can get this whole mess off afterwards with makeup remover or baby oil.  Just take your time and it will come off and then jump in the shower and reflect on how well the night went.