Where can I learn about hospital job openings?
In order to inquire about hospital job positions, you will have to discuss openings with the Human Resources (HR) Department of the hospital. There is likely a manager in charge of hiring staff. If the hospital in question has a website, it will likely announce the currently open job positions there. Most hospitals will have a section for employment opportunities. If nothing is listed, try calling the HR Department Manager to get the first hand information.

How can I prepare for seeking hospital employment?
Before seeking employment, it is best to have all your ducks in a row. You should write a professional resume that will include employment and education history, as well as all the extra details that are relevant, such as volunteering with any organisations. If you have friends who work in a hospital setting you can have them read the resume to ensure that it includes relevant skills and accomplishments. It is also a good idea to have at least two people read it over for typos and other mistakes that you might have missed.

In addition to writing out a resume, you should also draft a cover letter. This letter should include contact information and a brief summary of your accomplishments. Relate your experiences to the ways you can benefit the hospital environment. Essentially, this letter should convince the HR Manager that you are worthy of the job. You need to be persuasive and convincing while maintaining your sense of professionalism.

How do I prepare for a hospital job interview?
As with most job interviews, it is important to show up for a hospital job interview in professional attire. You should well dressed, wearing appropriate clothing - men should wear slacks and a button-up shirt; women may either wear business slacks, a professional skirt or an appropriate dress. It is essential that you give the Human Resources Manager a good first impression. You can do this by showing up early for interviews and any subsequent meetings. You should also speak professionally, giving the manager no reason to doubt in your qualifications. He or she will be looking at you with a critical eye.

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How do I follow up after a meeting or interview?
Once you have completed your interview and are awaiting a response, be patient. It might be scary to wait several days to hear back, and it might even put you on edge. Instead of checking your voicemail and email frequently, wait one week and call or email the Human Resources Manager if you have heard nothing back. You want to seem passionate about the job without becoming an annoyance. This is all part of making a good impression.

If you are applying online you might find that there is very little personal contact. Calling the person in charge of hiring can help to give you an edge over the competition by adding a voice or face to the application.