Graceland Online Employment Application Basics

Yes, there are jobs at Graceland!  Elvis Presley is an American icon, and whether you like him or not, he's a permanent fixture in this country's history.  More than 700,000 people take an annual pilgrimage to Graceland each year.  To  many who repeatedly go, it is almost like a religious experience for them. While other really just want to see this famous mansion of the king of rock and roll. In 2006, while he was still in office President Bush named Graceland a National Historic Landmark. Many think it is a great place to work and offer good job security.


How to Get A Graceland Online Job Application

Those who want to work at Elvis Presley's Graceland are usually big fans of the king of rock and roll and want to work at a place that gives them pride.  Graceland and the Heartbreak Hotel offer many different positions which they list on their website whenever an employment position comes available.  The job listings on the employment website is updated once weekly, so if there is nothing listed, check back in a week.  During busy times, the employment or job listings are updated more frequently. Competition to work at Elvis Presley's Graceland is very stiff so before you fill out a Graceland online employment application make sure you have everything in order.  You can have resume ready so you can transfer the information to the application once you download from the website online.  You can also attach your resume to the online application.


How to Submit Your Completed Graceland Employment Application

Although you can fill out a Graceland employment application after you download it from online, you cannot submit it online.  After you download the employment application, you must do the following in order to be considered for employment at Graceland:

P lease mail or drop off, along with a résumé (if applicable) to:
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
Human Resources Department
3734 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116
tel: (901) 332-3322


You can also fax your employment application or résumé and detailed cover letter to: 901-344-3232.

You should know that the most important qualification needed to work for Graceland and The Heartbreak Hotel is.... "a very big smile."

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