Instead Of A Gift, Can You Please Give Me Money?

If you need emergency cash fast, asking for money for your gift may be a good optioin to get the quick cash you need. Hey, times are hard and you may need money instead of a gift for your upcoming birthday, other gift giving holidays and Christmas.  Many people today may consider it rude to ask for money instead of a gift, because it should be the thought that counts.  But the truth is that monetary gifts have always been an acceptable form of giving gifts to people. Once upon a time and still today in many cultures around the world, giving money on birthdays was/is a very common practice.  Think about it, if it's the thought that counts shouldn't the person be thinking about what you want and what will help your right now-today? 

Although for whatever reason it is frowned upon today, it is not necessarily a bad thing to ask for the money you need instead of a gift that you may not like, appreciate and want to return.  You can always ask, friends and family should be ok with it.  If they are not, then that's fine too, just explain to them that you really need money and if they really want to help you, that is what will help you right here and right now.


 The Best Way To Get Money Instead Of A Gift For Birthdays and Holidays Is To Just-Be Honest About it

Money is the one gift that will not be returned. Gift certificates are great, but opening a card with a check in in or some money in it gives you a feeling like none other-especially if you are in dire need of it and don't want to burden other people with your problems. Just be honest with your friends and family and tell them what you want.  There are several ways you can let them know.


On The Invitations

Try not to be tacky about it but you can put it right on the invitation to your party.  After putting the pertinent information on  the invitation you can add something like "Note: To may family and friends, for gift giving this year, I would greatly appreciate it if you would give monetary gifts above all others.  All gifts are welcomed and greatly appreciated of course, it is simply my preference." The note doesn't have to be long or go into a big explanation, just let people know what you want. However, give the the option to still get you a gift if they choose not to give you money.  Some people will comply with your wishes, while others may not for their own personal reasons.  Just ask.

It could be a themed party where the central focus is giving you money for a specific thing.  Say you needed to raise $1000 to pay your rent or utility bill or even take your family on vacation. The invitations could say "The Montgomery family fundraiser for our Summer Vacation." This fundraiser is also your Christmas party or Birthday party so on the invitations you put "If you are giving a gift other than your much wanted and much loved presence, please give money to help us/me meet our/my goal."

You can put it in terms that your family and friends will appreciate it, you know them best, but you get the general idea. You won't get it if you don't ask for it.


In Personal Conversations

Throughout the year during your personal conversations with family and friends talk about the item or thing you really want or need the money for.  Then casually tell them "you know, what I really need this year is some cash for my birthday or what I really need this year is cash for Christmas." Don't kill them with it, but mention it every now and then so it keeps active in their minds.  Some may even ask you if you need monetary help now, you can accept of deny it then depending on the gravity of the situation.


When/If You Are Asked What You Want For Your Birthday or Christmas

Tell them, "I really appreciated the gift you gave me last year, but is it possible that you could give me money this year?"  You can go into explaining why you need the money so they will feel better about doing it, but it is not necessary.  They are giving you the opportunity to tell them what you want, so do it, and be serious about it so that they know you are serious. 

Also tell them that it doesn't matter how much they give you, because it will all add up.  Some people may be self conscious about giving money because they may only have a few dollars and buying a gift where you can't tell how much they paid for it may be better for them, but just reassure them that it doesn't matter.  If you have the money then you can spend it on what you really need or really want.


 Be Thankful All The Gifts And Money You Get

 Whatever you get be truly happy and thankful!  Even those who did not give you money this year will see that your need or want for it is truly genuine.  Those who did give you money, have a picture of the time you want to purchase or a copy of the bill you need to pay at the party.  After opening your gifts, thank them for making it possible for you to achieve your goal or get the item you could only afford with several monetary gifts.  Making this an open and honest effort is good for everyone so that next year, when you ask for money again, it will be less awkward.  Who knows, you may not even have to ask for money if they know that is your preferred gift of choice. 


Send Out Thank You Cards For The Gifts And Money You Received

Genuinely thank everyone who gave you a gift.  Even though it is Christmas or your birthday, you should still send out thank you cards. After you receive the item or items you wanted the money for, take a picture of yourself with the time even if the item is your "paid" utility bill.  This reinforces that they have done something good in helping you achieve your goal by giving you monetary gifts.


I'm not sure when giving money as gifts lost it's appeal, however is has always been a widely practice form of gift giving.  There is no reason why it can't be reintroduced back into societal norm.