Asking great questions on Yahoo Answers

Have you ever needed the answer to a question that you just couldn't find yourself? has a great section on their site called Yahoo Answers. It's easy learning how to ask questions on Yahoo Answers and a great resource for just about any type of information you might be seeking. 

First, you'll need to sign up with Yahoo. It's easy. Just visit, create an account and you are ready to roll! On the main Yahoo site, you will want to open the community tab. From there a drop down will open. You will see the Yahoo Answers tab. Click on that. Be sure to check out some hilarious Yahoo Answer fails, as well.

It's a good idea to bookmark the page if you are going to be using it a lot as it will save you time skipping the steps to get there. Once there, you will see at the top of the page several large tabs. Ask, answer and discover. Choose ask. Simply type in your question. 

You will then be taken to another page. Here, you can add more detail to your question. If the question is important to you, add more detail. You can post web addresses. Perhaps you need to show a picture or a website that relates to what you are questioning, or just need to add more detail than the headline will permit. That's what this box is for. You have 5,000 characters in which to write. That's a lot, plenty for most questions! 

Next you'll be taken to a category section. From there you will choose the proper section your question belongs in. Yahoo will show you suggested categories in which you can check the proper one. In most cases, one of those categories will fit your question. If not, right beside it you can browse categories and choose one that best fits your question. 

You will have the choice to have answers emailed to you if you like. Simply check the appropriate box. It is right below the category section and easy to find. Be aware that sometimes Yahoo Answers can be a really bizarre place at times!

A preview of your question is available and recommended. This will give you a look at your question the way people answering will see it. If you see something confusing or just don't like the way it looks, edit it. 

You'll have the option to share your question on Facebook if you like. In most cases, you'll get an answer to your question without using the share option. 

Submit your question and wait for the answer! If nobody is answering, the system will add a few extra days to your question. You can also add days if you are not satisfied with the answers given. People viewing your question and reading the answers will rate those answers. The one with the most votes is chosen as the best answer and posted when the time runs out. 

It can take a little practice learning how to ask questions on Yahoo Answers for optimum results but well worth a little experimenting if you intend on using it a lot. The system is set up as a sort of game, giving points to the person answering and deducting points from the person asking the question. 

It's a community based system and encourages participation on both ends, particularly the answering part. Consider answering a question once you've learned from your question's answer.