The first step to getting your home based employment ok'd by your boss is to make sure that you have a job where your performance is measured by your productivity, not just by how many hours you sit in your cubicle.  If your job is in fact performance based then you're off to a good start. If your job is not performance based, but just purely based on how many hours you are physically at your desk, then getting home based employment from your employer is going to be more of an uphill battle.  Also make sure you are in good standing with your boss and that he or she trusts you already, a boss who is already on your side is much more likely to be open to this type of working arrangement.

You may have to make a few compromises in the beginning to show your boss that home working is not going to negatively affect your productivity.  This means explaining to your boss that you would like to give it a shot on a trial basis.  When bad weather strikes and you don't want to be on the roads, when you have a big project due and you want the peace and quiet to keep your mind on the task at hand, or simply asking your boss for a trial 1-2 days a week to see if it can work is a good way to broach the subject.


jobs that allow you to work from home

For any jobs that allow you to work from home communication is one of the most important aspects to a successful working arrangement.  Ask your boss when they would like you to communicate with them and at what intervals. Whether its an email twice a day or a call only when there is something important, this will go along way in winning their trust.

If you have a chance to make a suggestion then suggest a video chat at pre-designated times. It's always more refreshing to see someone's face than to just hear their voice.  If you are dressed in a business manner, and look like you are sharp and on your game, this again is only going to help your cause.  Many bosses are afraid that their employees will be sitting on the couch watching TV if they are allowed home based employment, this will alleviate your bosses fears that you are slacking off if he or she can talk to you face to face via video chat.

Use the time you would have spent commuting to get some extra work done, this will show your boss that not only will home working not negatively effect your productivity, but it can actually increase it.  This is especially important during your trial period, go the extra mile and knock your bosses sock's off and you have a better chance of keeping this arrangement or even being allowed to work from home more frequently possibly even permanently at some point.

Another extremely important aspect to home working is make sure not to make your co-workers jealous of your situation if they are not allowed to have the same setup as you. Jealousy can be an ugly thing, and if your co-workers decide that misery loves company and they want you to have to come into the office like they do your new found work setup can end very quickly.  Explain to them that you have to work twice as hard to impress the boss now, you have to check in constantly, and that it is not an excuse to do nothing.  Explain to them it is not the dream they may think it is, if they think your still in the same boat as them that will tend to lower any jealousy problems and keep things running more smoothly.


jobs that allow you to work from home

Self motivation can become an issue for some people who have jobs that allow them to work from home, and your boss will soon catch on if your work suffers.  To avoid this act like you are still working in your office.  Wear business attire, this doesn't mean you have to dress to the "nine's" every day, but wear a button down shirt and make sure your appearance is presentable with your hair done nicely, studies show this helps with productivity as well.

This also means that while you are home working your family and friends are not to bother you unless it's an emergency.  If they wouldn't distract you for a certain reason while you are at the office that same reason should not be an excuse to distract you when you are working at home.  If your productivity stays up you have a better chance of being allowed to work from home more frequently.  If your productivity suffers then your boss may decide the arrangement isn't working out and you need to come back into the office again on a daily basis.

The hardest part about working out a home based employment scenario with your boss is getting them to sign on at first, depending on your boss this can be a work in progress at the start.  Once you have convinced them to give it a try using the methods outlined above it is important to go above and beyond their expectations.  If you can impress them with your productivity then you have a better shot at getting more time to work from home and possibly even a permanent telecommuting situation.


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