Let me quickly correct the differences between remote viewing and astral projection. Remote viewing is where you will yourself into a location. Astral projection is where you actually leave your body.

Astral projection is a type of OBE (out of body experience), where one is separate from his or her physical body. The chance is, you've have already experienced some type of out of body experience, but you do not remember it. Hallucinogenic drugs can also bring people to an out of body experience.

Meditation. I'm sure you've heard of it, but many of you think it's only one thing. There are many types of meditation, not just one, so you can't just go up to some and ask them to teach you how to meditate. The point of meditation is to reach an altered state of mind, or enter a trance. You can enter this state with a purpose, a question, or to read the book of answers.

(If you already know how to astral project please skip this and go down to Binaural Beats for Astral Projections.) If you don't know how to astral project, let me first tell you that you've already astral projected before, you just don't remember.

Astral projection is hard, it took me a month to understand it. I've had no access to the internet and books told me nothing. All I knew was astral projection is when you leave your body. I'd messed up a lot. I was channeling, doing a bunch of weird meditations where it gave me strange images I didn't understand, and at one point I'd levitated a few centimeters.

Astral projection is hard, fun, dangerous, frustrating and can be fatal. That's right, fatal. If you decided to or an entity for some reason really doesn't like you and decides to obliterate you, you will not wake up in your body like waking up from a nightmare, no, you will no longer exist, your physical body will forever be in a coma, or coffin.

I've given you fair warning and anything that you chose, is your choice, your life is in your hands. Enjoy, whether you'd decided to leave this and do something else, or continue.

Meditation for Astral Projection:

1. Sit or lie down, make sure your spine is straight. If you are lying down, lay on a pencil or something creative like that, remember that your goal is to astral project, not fall asleep. If you are sitting, make sure there's nothing you'll crash against if your body lets itself go slams into something.

2. Now relax. Relax your muscles and your mind and breathe deeply, slowly but comfortable. Don't think about anything except relaxing, but don't fall asleep, so focus on the sound of your breathing.

3. When you are relaxed, FEEL(not imagine, but feel) your body moving upwards or feel your body rolling over. And keep feeling this.

4. Most likely you had not been successful because you hesitated. You must be able to "let go". If you're too scared to become ungrounded, then it will never work, not until you are ready. Like everything else, practice. Practice, practice, practice.

5. But if you've made it to this step then you should be feeling pretty weird and will probably see these words as strange squiggly-things. Don't panic, panic is the enemy, panic will attract entities that you won't like very much. Just observe and enjoy. Probably not a good idea to look in the mirror, you might get stuck like I did. Okay, most likely, you don't have a body, that's why you're seeing everything at a weird angle, because you're a blob of nothingness-something. What you can do at this point is imagine a body for yourself, or learn how to move in the nothingness-form. If you've created a body, this is called shape shifting. You will be shaping yourself, the ideal form is to take the form of your totem (see the totem section for more information). Have your fun and then move onto step five.

6. Going back may hurt the first few times because your body had pulled you back, I believe this is what is called a whiplash, and yes it will "freakin' hurt". But in time, you will be able to go farther and for a longer period of time.

7. Coming back. Is simple, but like meditations (which I recommend you master before attempting astral projecting!) it can be difficult. Meaning, you can get stuck outside your body for some time if you can't relax to get back in your body. Anyway, to get back in your physical body (not matter where you may have wandered off to), you just have to focus and be aware of your physical body, you will probably feel your other self come into your physical body (I do anyway) and then you're back.

8. Write it down. Because when you write it down or talk about it, you'll trigger something that will lead you to remember something else.


You can consume or smoke herbs such a damiana, saliva, cannabis, lsd, and all your other favorite psychedelic plants. (Just remember to use them for spiritual purposes!)

Brave Wave Frequency for Astral Projection:

Whether or not you know how to astral project, binaural, monaural and isochronic beats (or tones) will stimulate your brain and help you go into deeper meditations, and help you remember what you've learned, whether it be numbers, dreams, names, anything.