As any avid internet user is well aware of, is one of the leading social networking sites currently on the web. For this reason, it has become an incredibly powerful and versatile marketing tool for individuals, celebrities, businesses, and other organizations. What do you need to do to benefit from Facebook marketing? Simply put, you must find users who share an interest in the subject you wish to create a page for. This article will guide you on your way to getting thousands of Facebook fans.

Choose A Subject

Before you can gather up thousands of interested fans, you must choose a subject for the page that you wish to create. Google offers a keyword tool that may help you in choosing niche subjects; ones that have a high search value, with low competition. By choosing a subject that will be frequently searched with little to no competing pages, you will rank better in both Facebook's search listing, and even Google itself! Once you have formulated a plan for your Facebook page, create it using Facebook's easy-to-use page creation tool.

Become A Fan Of Your Page

The easiest way to begin spreading your page across the Facebook user base is by adding yourself as a fan to the page you just created. It is common sense to do so. As soon as you have added your page, your friends will see this in the news feed. If they find it interesting, they too will become fans. Great! You're already getting fans on the first day of your page's life!

Invite Your Friends

As soon as your page is created, you are presented with a window for inviting your friends to become a fan of your page. At the moment, you'd have to skip this window in order to do the previous step. This way, when friends click on the page to see whether it's worth joining or not, they will know that you have already become a fan (psychologically, they'll feel safer joining a crowd knowing they've got a friend in it already). Logically, after you have completed the previous step, you may go back to your page's settings to return to the invitation page. Invite either all of your friends, or do it in stages; whichever you feel will be more effective in getting the maximum amount of fans out of your friends.

Comment On Other Pages

It is now time to fly away from the nest that is your small social circle, into the wide open world of the internet. Before leaving Facebook altogether for your self-promotion, take a few rest stops at other preexisting pages pertaining to the same or similar subject matter as your page. It is important not to post spam (this could get your account, page included, removed from the site!). Just simply post a friendly message along the lines of "I'm just starting out, and I thought my page would be a good supplement to this page." Vary your messages as you post on different pages; remember that you are a real person speaking for yourself, so there is no reason to take on the role of a spambot.

Increase Your Traffic By Posting Links On Other Websites

It's time to pack your bags and say "farewell" to Facebook, as you are now traveling around the 'net to promote your fan page. I advise that you first check in with your page before departing; your number of fans should be pretty decent for the little amount of time you've spent so far.

Begin your virtual journey by stopping at forums or blogs that you regularly view. Comment sections on blogs, and off-topic sections on forums, are both places where it will be appropriate to post a link to your fan page (so long as it pertains to the content guidelines and terms of service of each site you are on).

After visiting sites that you are familiar with, use a search engine such as Google to search for websites relating to the content of your Facebook fan page. You will then likely be given a number of sites that will literally take you hours to promote with. You can spread this process throughout the length of several days. In fact, I urge you not to do all of your marketing in one single day. The more spread out your work is, the more favored it will be for your Facebook page's search engine ranking.

Be Patient!

You should absolutely take the time to check for spelling errors, and personalize each of your promotions. If you are only starting a page for instant fame, I am sad to say that you have a misconception of the Facebook fan page system. Unless you are a celebrity or large corporation, it will be a long and difficult process if you are ever to hope to get millions of fans on Facebook. I wish you the best of luck!