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Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites online getting huge numbers of visitors daily.For those unfamiliar with Digg the idea is to 'Digg' a blog post, news story, video or other content you like.Once you Digg the content it gets linked to on the Digg site and your Digg friends and others can also Digg the content.Many Bloggers use Digg to build links to their blog posts and get new visitors to their blog.This can be effective and although many posts go fairly un-noticed on Digg, just a little attention could really up the visitor count.If a post gets a lot of interest and makes it to the front page of Digg the result will be tens of thousands of visitors in a very short space of time.Sounds great but Digging all your own content is time consuming so in this article i will show you how to automatically Digg your own blog posts.

Until recently Digg did not allow Bloggers to automatically Digg their own blog posts or other content and even frowned on outside services offering to auto digg.However with the recent redesign and launch of Digg they have embraced auto Digging and any user can set their account to Automatically Digg their blog posts.There are a few steps involved is setting up auto Digg on your Digg account (If you don't yet have an account you can sign up or even log in with your Facebook or Twitter details).You also must verify yourself as the owner of the blog you wish to automatically Digg.So lets get started...

How To Automatically Digg Your Blog Posts

Step 1. Go to Digg.Com and log in or create a new account.

Step 2. On your Digg homepage click settings in the top drop down menu then import feed in the left menu as shown below :

Digg Settings

Step 3. Add the URL of your blog or your blogs feed were requested, choose your blogs category and click add feed.

Step 4. You now must verify you are the owner of the blog you want to Automatically Digg.You have two options.Add a html key to your feed or your latest post.The easiest option is to copy the key for your next post and simply add it anywhere in that post.You don't need to write a new post you can add the key to your last post.

Step 5. Once the code has been added click verify now and your blog has been set to automatically Digg.You can now remove the code you added to your latest post.

This should help get more visitors to your blog and help build backlnks to your posts.