what speeds up your metabolism
Speeding up your metabolism is something that many people want to do.  With a faster metabolism (known as RMR or resting metabolic rate) you will burn more calories throughout the day even when you are not exercising or expending calories through movement.
What will boost your metabolism is keeping your body fueled throughout the day by eating six small meals instead of three larger meals.  There are several advantages to eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.  First, you keep your body burning calories with smaller meals, and you will not over eat because you will not be hungry.  Many times when people are hungry they over eat to compensate for that hungry feeling.  Eating smaller meals to keep you satisfied will avoid those hills and plateaus of hunger than can cause weight gain.
The second advantage of keeping your metabolism up and burning calories with smaller meals throughout the day is that when you eat smaller meals your stomach will shrink over time as you are not ingesting as much food.  As a result you will feel fuller more quickly and will eat less food.  So the benefits are two fold of six smaller meals, keeping your metabolism burning at a steady rate and slowly shrinking your stomach so it takes less food to give you that "full" feeling. What speeds up your metabolism is having a constant supply of energy for your body, the problems start when you eat too much food irregularly throughout the day.
Another key to speeding up your metabolism is to cut down on your alcohol intake.  Alcohol slows down your metabolism, and when you add food to the equation it makes the problem even worse(and alcohol causes feelings of hunger even when you are not truly hungry).  If you are going to have a few cocktails try to have some food before you start drinking.  This will help absorb some of the alcohol and will not be a one-two punch to your metabolism as you will feel full before you start drinking, so ideally you will cut down on your food intake while enjoying your cocktails.
What will boost your metabolism in a big way is eating something when you wake up in the morning.  Even if you are not a breakfast person (I'm not one either) you want to put some fuel in your body otherwise your body can interpret the lack of food as starvation. Before food was so plentiful in our society our ancestors were hunter-gatherers and food was not always in ample supply.  When food was scarce their body would slow down their metabolism so they could conserve calories until they found food again.  For better or worse we still retain this trait from our ancestors, and when you skip breakfast this metabolism slow down kicks in to conserve calories.  To avoid this from happening at least have a piece of fruit such as a banana, or a protein shake to start your metabolism for the day and begin burning calories.
Choosing organic produce will help in speeding up your metabolism. Research has found that the chemicals used to treat the fruits and vegetables we eat can slow down your metabolism. Organic produce is definitely a healthier choice, unfortunately in many cases it also costs more than produce treated with pesticides does.  There are ways around having to pay the high prices charged at some grocery stores for organic produce however.  Farmers markets are a great place to start, the produce is all grown locally and the prices are typically much more reasonable than at the grocery store.  
The next option to find organic produce is to join a produce co-op.  Produce co-ops are run by, and funded by, their members.  So for a price(and they vary by co-op) you can get organically grown fruits and vegetables at great prices.  To find a produce co-op in your area just go online and type in "produce co-op"(and your city and state) into a search engine.
Good food as much as anything is what speeds up your metabolism.  Besides eating organic produce ideally you want to be eating organic or grass fed, free range meats as well.  These types of meats can also be found at farmers markets, at meat co-ops(just like produce co-ops) or at your local health food or "green" grocery store if the prices there fit into your budget.
These tips will aid you in speeding up your metabolism.  If you can eat a healthy breakfast every day(even if it's small), eat six smaller meals as opposed to three larger ones, cut down your alcohol intake as much as possible, and eat organic produce and meats you will give your metabolism a big kick-start and begin burning calories at a much high rate.
-This article is not offering any medical or health advice.  Before changing your diet, starting a workout routine, or any other significant changes to your diet or lifestyle always consult a doctor first. 

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