ADHD Medication Dangers

Be Careful

ADHD medication is extremely helpful for people who have actually been diagnosed with ADHD. However, people who have not received this particular diagnosis sometimes take these medications anyway for a variety of what are known as off book reasons. For instance, ADHD medications are typically made from different amphetamines, so some people take them to lose their appetites and lose weight.

ADHD medication abuse is detrimental whether or not you actually need to take the medication due to an ADHD diagnosis. However, many sufferers do not even have an ADHD diagnosis. They have become addicted not by having prescriptions of their own, but by buying the pills from those who do have prescriptions.

Students sometimes take them as neuro-enhancers, meaning that they take them so that they can study longer and harder and improve their performance on tests and other assignments. However, there are many potential dangers associated with taking a medication that you don’t actually need, including potential addiction and negative side effects like sleeplessness and severe anxiety. This article contains a step by step plan to stop abusing ADHD medication. 

The first step with any addiction or possible addiction is to acknowledge and admit that you have a problem with abusing ADHD medication. Once you have made this admission, you will be able to progress to step two.

Step to is to stop obtaining ADHD medication for off book purposes such as dieting or studying. Students often obtain these medications from friends. Some even go to doctors and pretend to have ADHD symptoms in order to obtain such prescriptions. Clearly, people who are serious about stopping this particular kind of substance abuse must stop getting their hands on the substance itself.

Step three is to seek intensive addiction treatment. As you know, there are many different recovery groups and programs that you could join. In addition to getting into a substance abuse recovery program, you will also want to speak one on one to a substance abuse treatment counselor who is familiar with ADHD medication abuse and misuse.

Often a behavior that starts off as an occasional act can spiral out of control and become an actual addiction. The best way to avoid abusing substances of any kind, including ADHD medication, is never to start in the first place. So, if you have a friend who is considering starting, please try your hardest to dissuade them.