How To Protect Your Home From Invasion

how to protect your home from invasion
A home that is completely dark is an obvious sign to a burglar that you are not there, but a home that has lights on all day is an obvious sign as well.  To deter home invasion set up an automatic timer for the lights in your home when you are on vacation, this will throw off a burglar looking for lights that are always on or off for an extended period of time.
The second step to stop home invasion is to make sure that no packages are left on your doorstep while you are away for an extended time.  If a package is sitting on your front porch for several days at a time this is a major red flag to a burglar that you are not home. To avoid this tell the delivery company to leave the package in the back of your home, or have the package delivered to a neighbor's house while you are away.  This is very important to deter home invasion, a package left on your doorstep for days is one of the most obvious signs that you have not been home in some time.
An extremely important measure in how to protect your home from invasion is to never post your vacation plans on any social networking sites. A burglar can search social networking sites trying to find people who announce the dates of their vacation online.  It is important to also make sure you are monitoring your children's social media accounts as well.  People who scour social media sites are just as happy finding a child posting about a vacation as an adult. Tell your kids never to post about an upcoming vacation online.  To help thwart people from being able to read their social media posts use the security settings on these sites that only let authorized people or friends view their updates.
On the topic of children, their belongings(and how visible they are) can lead a burglar to target your home.  Deter home invasion and a burglars interest in what might be in your home by having your children bring their toys in at night when they are done playing with them.  For example, if a burglar casing a neighborhood for a home to rob sees that your children have expensive bikes left out in the yard, they may wonder what else is in your home if you have the money to buy your kids expensive items.
If you want to learn how to protect your home from invasion you have to learn to think like a burglar thinks.  They will use seemingly harmless ploys to try and gauge how long you are away for your home from at any given time.  For example, one trick burglars will use is having flyers printed up, sticking them in your door, and then monitoring how long it takes you to remove the flyers from your door.  If it takes you a couple of days to get the flyer this makes your home much more attractive to burglars.  Always make sure to remove any flyers in your door as soon as you see them, because you don't know if they were put there for legitimate advertising purposes or something more nefarious. 
Burglars will even use Mother Nature to their advantage, to deter home invasion you need to know all the angles they play, and they will even use the weather to find a target.  If you live in an area that gets snow in the winter, and you are going on vacation or will not be home for a few days, ask a neighbor or a friend to make some tracks in your driveway by walking around in the snow.  Criminals looking to break into your house will look for driveways with untouched snow drifts as their first targets.  They know you haven't been home in a while if there are no tracks in the snow around your home.
Never have your security system control pad placed in front of the window at your front door. These systems are meant to stop home invasion, but if someone can look in the window next to your front door and see that your security system is unarmed then you have just let them know that they need not worry about alerting the authorities that they have just broken into your home.  Have your security system control pad placed in an area that is not viewable through your windows near your front door.  An experienced professional home security company should know this anyway, but always keep this in mind when having a security system installed.
Be vigilant about unknown people in your neighborhood, even if they look professional with business attire and a clipboard.  Good criminals know that it does not help their cause to dress poorly and roam around a strange neighborhood.  Many will dress in upscale attire and look very professional while casing a neighborhood for a potential target.  This means just keeping your eye open for people who are not normally in your neighborhood, just because they dress nice or look professional does not mean they are on the up and up.  
The more you learn about how to protect your home from invasion the better the chances are that you will not fall victim to a burglary.  Thinking like a criminal thinks and knowing what they look for are the first steps in keeping your home safe.  By following the advice in this article you can take several important measures to deter home invasion.

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