Beach erosion is a worldwide problem for people who live near the coast. Hurricanes and other large meteorological events cause beach erosion. Other beaches are constantly being eroded by rivers, wind or human activity. There are many methods to avoid beach erosion; few are effective. Most beach erosion prevention methods merely slow down the effects of erosion, and do not deal with the underlying causes.

Things You Will Need

Sand pumps
Beach drainage systems
Sea walls

Step 1

Drain the beach. Create a drainage system that allows the beach to dry quicker. Sea wind can then move the dry sand and help recreate an eroding beach.

Step 2

Build a breakwater in the ocean parallel to the beach. Breakwaters are like artificial coral reefs found along coastlines. Sand heaps behind the breakwater slowing down beach erosion. However, the extreme events that cause beach erosion: hurricanes, typhoons, etc. will often destroy them.

Step 3

Build groynes on each side of the beach. Groynes are artificial headlands that jut out into the sea. Sand tends to collect between headlands. However, they can cause other problems and many find them an eyesore. (See reference 1)

Step 4

Build seawalls along the beach. This is a desperate measure to protect homes and businesses at risk of ending in the sea. Once they are built the natural beach will disappear. Array

Tips & Warnings

Do not build jetties (long dams used to keep harbours and rivers navigable) near beaches if you want them the survive; they cause severe beach erosion.

Many solutions to beach erosion, like bringing in new sand, do not deal with the underlying reasons for beach erosion, and will not be a long-term solution. Confirm the investment in these short-term solutions is justified.