Many people do not realize that the food and water they ingest can be contaminated with waste. Just because you bought your food and water at a grocery store does not mean that it is free from possible contamination from several different sources. This article will guide you on how to avoid food and water that is contaminated.

Things You Will Need

To follow the steps listed in this article on how to avoid contaminated food and water.

Step 1

food and water The first step to avoiding food and water that is contaminated with waste is to only drink distilled water. Water that comes from the tap, and bottled water as well, can contain waste elements in them. The only way to guarantee that your drinking water is free from waste is to drink water that has been distilled.

Step 2

The second step to avoiding contaminated food and water is to grow your fruits and vegetables yourself. This does not take nearly as much land as most people think. All you need is a small backyard and that is more than enough room to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Many large farms use fertilizers that contain waste products in them, when they are applied to the soil they are absorbed by the fruits and vegetables. Grow your own fruits and vegetables to avoid being exposed to these fertilizers.

Step 3

food and water 2 The third step to avoiding contaminated food and water is to only buy your food products when they are labeled "100% organic" or "certified organic". This is how you will know that the food you are buying was not exposed to any of these chemicals that can contain waste. This goes for all types of meats, chicken, pork etc. The plants these animals feed on can be laced with fertilizer that can contain waste. This waste will then be absorbed into the animal that you will be eating. The organic certifications listed above are the only way to guarantee that the animals were at no time exposed to these fertilizers. Array

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