How To Avoid Getting Shaving Bumps

When it comes to the art of removing the hair off of your body with a razor, it may seem quite easy at first glance; however, you will quickly find out that it is much harder than you think. No matter whether you have been doing it for one day or one decade, it is difficult to avoid getting shaving bumps. There are a few things that you can do, and precautions that you can take that will help you to avoid getting these no matter which part of your body that you are working on. Using these tips will definitely help you to avoid getting shaving bumps, and ultimately have a better overall experience that will leave you with a smoother body part!

Using Less Blades Avoids Getting Shaving Bumps

Although the rule of more being better may be true with the majority of products that are on the market, it is adversely false when it comes to the amount of blades on a razor. Although using 4 blades instead of 2 will allow you to get a much closer shave, it will also increase the chances of your getting shaving bumps once you are done! In the world of razors, more blades equals more irritation, which ultimately means ending up with not-so-smooth skin once you are completely finished.

Wetting Your Body Part First Avoids Getting Shaving Bumps

Not only does this allow your skin to feel significantly smoother once you are finished, but it also softens the hair or stubble that is present on that area of the body. Once the hair has been softened, it is much easier to cut with the razor, and ultimately helps you to avoid getting shaving bumps on your skin. For the best results, be sure to use warm water, as it will also open your pores, so the hair can be removed in the easiest manner.

Using Cream Avoids Getting Shaving Bumps

The creams that are featured in commercials and magazines that you see throughout the media are more than just an antic to make you spend more money. Applying cream to the body part before using the razor on it will help to open your pores, and loosen up the hair's grip on your skin. The combination of these factors ultimately allows you to go about doing this while avoiding shaving bumps entirely. Combine this technique with the one that is listed in the paragraph above about using water, and you will surely end up with the smoothest skin out of all of your friends.

Exfoliating Avoids Getting Shaving Bumps

Although exfoliation may not be part of your routine at this very moment, you should definitely make every attempt to incorporate it. The greatest thing about exfoliating after you have used the razor on your skin is that it simply works two fold; it will help you with the shave that you have just done, as well as the next time that you use a razor. It helps to avoid getting shaving bumps, and ideally leaves you with the absolute smoothest skin possible.

First With The Grain, Then Against The Grain Avoids Getting Shaving Bumps

What is even better than using one stroke for every area of your body that you are grooming, is using two strokes. One of the best things that you can do to avoid shaving bumps is to use one stroke going with the grain of hair, and one stroke against the grain of hair. The first stroke can be thought of as preparing the hair for the cut, and the second stroke as actually cutting the hair off of your skin!

Whether you are cleaning up your face during the morning of your wedding day or simply getting rid of your stubble on a Saturday morning, it is important to know the steps to avoid getting shaving bumps. Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the new technology that is incorporated into modern razors, and simply try to shave without any technique or precaution. Use the tips that are featured throughout this article effectively, and you will surely end up with smoother skin!