Jet Lag Sleeping
Credit: Wolf4Max via Flickr

Jet lag cannot be avoided, especially when travelling across several time zones. Your body will need a little time to adjust since your body clock will still be attuned to your time zone back at home. You might encounter fatigue, constipation, insomnia, diarrhea, and a lot more unpleasant ailments related to jet lag if you haven’t prepared yourself well enough. Here are a few effective ways to help cure or minimize it.

Get Your Body Ready

If your travel date is still weeks ahead, move your schedule to at least an hour forward (or back) every week. The farther the time zone, the earlier you have to start adjusting your schedule. This will allow your body to adjust to your new time zone little by little. If travelling westward, you should be going to bed later than most nights, otherwise, if you are going east, you should sleep earlier.

Drink Water. Lots of Water.

Drink plenty of water during the day of your travel. One symptom of jet lag is dehydration, so bring and drink lots of fluids. Just avoid sipping drinks with caffeine or alcohol.

Think like You Are Already There

If you are going to arrive during daytime at your destination place, avoid napping while on the plane if you can. If it’s going to be nighttime, then try to sleep. Think of it like you are already at your destination so that your body can follow the time zone there easily.

Soak in the Sun

Once you arrive, spend time outside as much as you can because it will allow your brain to adapt to the time zone of your new location. Be active. Don’t immediately sleep once you arrive, or take a short nap for 30 minutes at most. Staying inactive for a long time will only make your jet lag worse.

Eat Light Meals

Your eating routine takes time to adjust too, like your sleeping cycle. Eating in large portions will make it difficult for the body to adapt, and can lead to diarrhea or constipation. You don’t want those when you are on a vacation so eat light meals is a must.


It’s always best to exercise at least a few hours prior to bedtime since it helps you sleep better. It also best to do it after waking up in the morning so that you can get your blood flowing.  

Have you got other ways to get over jet lag? Please leave a comment below if you do.