A lot of people with a short fuse wonder often about how they can avoid losing their tempers. Excessive anger can be a brutal thing to live with, not only for your loved ones, but for you as well. If you are among the many people who have been asking yourself how you can avoid losing your temper, then consider trying some or all of the following tips so that you can finally get a handle on your anger once and for all.

Things You Will Need

To make these changes you will need an open heart and a willing attitude.

Step 1

If you have been wondering how you can avoid losing my temper on a regular basis, you may want to start by asking yourself the following question: Have I been the one in control of my own emotions or have I been allowing my emotions to control me? Anger management experts note that people who struggle with anger and acting out often feel out of control, as if their emotions are a force of nature over which they have little to no control. But actually, you can be more in charge of regulating your own emotional states.

Step 2

In a calm moment, try to study or go back over your previous angry states for a moment, almost as if you were an objective scientist conducting research on yourself and your behavior. In other words, try examining your own angry behavior as an objective outsider might perceive it. Think about this: If you were a stranger on the street watching you as you flew into one of your full blown rages, what would you think of you and the way you are acting? This can be an extremely powerful mental exercise for people who struggle with anger and who want to regain control of their own behavior. You will probably feel shocked, embarrassed, guilty, ashamed and a variety of other emotions, and that is okay, because these emotions will help you modify your behavior in healthy, appropriate ways, so that one day you will no longer have to ask yourself that dreaded question: How can I avoid losing my temper?

Step 3

Harness the power of physical exercise in your quest to control your anger. When you exert yourself physically, this (obviously) has numerous health benefits. One of these benefits is the role it can play in helping you to manage not only your stress, but all of your other challenging emotions as well, including your feelings of anger and aggression. So use your workouts to get that toxic anger out of you in a healthy, constructive way.

In sum, it takes time and effort to learn how to manage your anger, especially if you have always struggled with a short fuse. However, if you put your mind to it, you will ultimately be able to achieve your goal.

Tips & Warnings

If you have been struggling with the question posed in this article: How can I avoid losing my temper? and if you have been trying to address the problem on your own but have not made as much progress as you would like, you may want to consider seeking counseling for anger management. Mental health clinicians who specialize in anger issues can work with you as powerful allies in winning this battle against anger.