If you are not careful you can cause skin damage without realizing it. Even some good intentions can actually have harmful effects on your skin. This article will guide you on how to avoid skin damage.

Things You Will Need

To follow the steps listed in this article on how to avoid skin damage.

Step 1

skin damage The first step to avoiding skin damage is to make sure you remove your makeup every night before you go to bed. When you leave makeup on your skin overnight it can cause skin damage. To have skin with a healthy appearance it is important to remove your makeup before you go to bed each and every night.

Step 2

The second step to avoiding skin damage is to take shorter showers in water that is not too hot. The water that comes out of showers(assuming you get your water from a public water supply) has chlorine in it. When the water in your shower gets very hot it reacts with the chlorine and it can cause skin damage. Taking a nice hot shower feels great, but if you make a habit of doing this it can prematurely age your skin.

Step 3

skin damage 2 The third step to avoiding skin damage is to avoid rubbing your skin too hard when you exfoliate it. Exfoliation is good for your skin(although it should not be done every day). However, when you exfoliate do not use an exfoliator that has a very rough texture, and do not use an applicator with a rough texture either. If you do this you can quickly cause skin damage. Array

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