Stress will kill you. Here's how to avoid it.

It's there in my chest - tightening.  It's in my head - causing migraines.  I've lost sleep because of it.  It scares me to wonder how I'm going to pay these bills or what will happen if I or my wife were to lose our jobs.  The doubt about whether or not I'll be able to give my little girl a good financial start in life frightens me.  Today I found out that stress is the number one killer and frankly, I think more awareness should be done about it.  Who would think that our bodies could literally "self-destruct"?  Because stress is all in our heads, right? a thought, or perhaps an emotion?  Regardless, I know it can literally kill us.

So I am working to avoid it.  I know that's easier said than done.  However, the goal is to not completely avoid it 100% - because that is somewhat impossible.  Sometimes things just happen that causes instant stress.  But I can control how long I stay focused on whatever it is causing my stress.  It's not a little stress that kills - it's the enduring, long, painful, consistent dwelling on stress that kills.  It may be harder for men especially because we're told we have to be tough, can't show emotion, and that we must figure out our own problems.  I think women do a lot better dealing with stress than men...true? false?  Let me know in the comments below.

Controlling the time spent on dealing with stress is definitely possible versus avoiding it 100%.  One of the ways I deal with stress is by watching stand-up comedy.  I begin to laugh from watching these comedians talk about every imaginable topic possible and somehow they make it funny for me.  Laughing is the best medicine I'm told, so I'm pretty sure it's a good remedy for stress.  No matter how bad you feel - instead of waddling in your pain or dealing with something you can't immediately fix - take a moment to laugh.  It beats slowly dying if you ask me.

Another way I deal with stress is to make someone else feel good...I choose my daughter for this task.  She loves when we play together or when I take time to read to her.  It makes me feel good as well and for the moment - I forget about the stress and start to think about all the possibilities this little one has before her.  She could be CEO of a company, a leader in her community, WNBA superstar, etc.  and I want to be around when she achieves her potential.  Can't let stress prevent that from happening, right?

Lastly, I exercise.  Exercising is a great way to relieve stress, get your heart rapidly pumping life back into your body, and also make your body look great.  Get out on that punching bag, run a couple of miles, head out on the bike trail, or lift weights.  Put yourself in action and this will aleviate your stressful situation and perhaps help you to figure a way out of your situation for good!