A gym training plan that incorporates the best workouts will get you the best results. Conversely if you do not pick your gym workout plan correctly you may not only miss out on the results that you are seeking, but you can also hurt yourself in the process as well.

The first step to avoiding a gym workout plan that can hurt you is to stay away from the chest fly machine at the gym. This machine can be very hard on your shoulders and can cause damage to this area of your body. Instead of using this machine you can do push ups instead. Push ups work many of the same muscles without the strain to your shoulders. In addition you can turn your wrists inward, or outward, to change some of the muscle groups you are working while performing your push up routine(including isolating your biceps and triceps). By doing this you can get a great upper body workout while putting the minimal amount of stress on your body.


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Next to avoid a possible injury during your gym training program it is wise to not use the seated rotation machine. This machine puts a lot of stress on your back and does nothing to reduce your love handles. There is a common misconception that this machine will target your love handles but in fact it does not. If you want to get rid of love handles a cardio routine routine will help you much more. A regular routine using interval training to burn calories is a great way to get rid of unwanted love handles. Remember, you can not spot reduce fat on your body, it doesn't work that way(short of liposuction). Your body chooses which fat deposits it will burn first when you create a calorie deficit(creating a calorie deficit is the only way to lose fat, you must burn more calories than you take in forcing your body to burn the fat deposits on your body).

Probably the most important machine to avoid in your gym workout plan is the seated leg extension. This machine puts a lot of stress on your knees, and as you age can cause problems in your knees down the road. Many people have problems with their knees as they get older, it is one of the biggest reason people lose their mobility is because of problems with this part of their body. So this machine may not hurt your knees in your younger years, but you may pay for using it down the road. Instead of using the seated leg extension do squats with free weights, you will get the same benefit without the potential damage to your knees.

These are certainly not the only workouts that can hurt you in the gym however. Proper form is important whether you are using a machine or free weights. Most all machines have the proper instructions on how to use them displayed on the side of the machine. When using free weights make sure you are using slow, controlled movements and not letting momentum do the work for you. If you let momentum do the work with weights that are too heavy for you not only are you losing out on a lot of the benefit of lifting weights(resistance on your muscles, not momentum, builds muscle) but you can hurt yourself in the process as well.


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When you are performing your weight training workouts you want to ensure you are getting the biggest "bang for your buck". This means avoiding the workouts that can hurt you as listed above, but also doing the right workouts to make sure you are getting the most out of your time at the gym. When you are weight training you want to rotate your workouts every 5-6 weeks to create muscle confusion. If you continue to always do the same workouts your muscles adapt to them and you do not continue to grow at the rate they were. By rotating your workouts you create "muscle confusion" so your muscles can never adapt to the workouts. This keeps your muscles working hard and growing, remember, you only get out of your workouts what you put in.

When trying to burn calories and lose weight it will aid your weight loss to do interval training instead of just running or walking on a treadmill or stair machine. Interval training involves switching between exercising at a slower pace and a faster pace. This will get your heart rate up and cause your body to burn more calories. Studies have proven time and time again that interval training is much more effective in helping people burn calories and lose weight then exercising at a steady pace during your cardio workouts. A gym training program that is successful will incorporate avoiding the wrong exercises, good form when using weights and machines, and keeping up muscle confusion so your muscles will continually be challenged and you will see the best possible results from your workouts.


-this article is not offering any health or fitness advice. Always consult a doctor or fitness professional before starting or modifying any workout or exercise routine.

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