There are very simple and yet powerful ways on how to avoid weight gain. I am happy to tell you that I have used these methods all the time and that is why I am going to share them freely with everyone today. Here is how I do it:-

How To Avoid Weight Gain
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Avoiding Weight Gain By Keeping It Simple

During my struggles with weight lose and subsequently avoiding weight gain, I quickly noticed that the more I tried to avoid gaining weight, the more weight I actually gained in the process, which puzzled me for quite some time.

But on a particular occasion, I quickly noticed that what I was doing, in terms of trying to avoid weight gain, was actually all wrong in terms of the complexity of the diet that I tried religiously adhere to only to miserably fail.

Because you see, when you have a very complicated diet and eating plan, where you almost have to physically weigh and watch what you are eating, you are bound to be eventually overwhelmed by these diets and eating plans and you eventually quit.

What you need to know, or perhaps you already know is that our body requires six nutrients: vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, water and minerals that we usually gain from the diets that we take. If you try to get the perfect combination of these nutrients, then you are bound to drive yourself crazy in process.

So how do you prevent yourself from going crazy by trying to “measure” the correct amount of nutrients that will prevent you from gaining weight? Well, I learned of a simple solution to one of my many other solutions of eating the correct amount of nutrients which works for me all the time.

What I do is divide up my plate into three potions, that is one half and two quarters. I then fill up one-quarter of the plate with carbohydrates, whole grain if possible as it has excellent health benefits; one-quarter with protein and the remaining one half with vegetables which I sprinkle either a table-spoon of canola or olive oil and voilà, a healthy balanced meal that is going to prevent you from gaining weight with all the mambo jumbo aside.

Avoid weight gain by keeping it simple
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Take A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water In The Morning

A glass of warm lemon water can go a long way in helping you lose weight. It simply works by alkalizing the body, not acidifying it, since as the weak citric acid gets to the stomach, it is easily broken down thus leaving the contents of the lemon to alkalize the body.

Scientific research has shown that a body that is more alkaline is bound to easily lose weight than a more acidic body, hence the need to take warm lemon water. Note that the lemon has to be warm and not hot as too much heat is bound to destroy most of the minerals and vitamins in the lemon.

Also, the water in the lemon water that you take “flushes” out the “bad fat” from the body, the kind of fat that collects around your stomach and muscles responsible for your weight gain. Finally, the pectin fiber found in lemons is bound to make your stomach fuller thus eliminating the chances of you over-eating during breakfast. Read more on warm lemon water and weight loss.

Lemon Water Weight Loss
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Eat Vegetables Before The Main Meal

Eating vegetables before the main meal is an excellent way for you to avoid eating too much and thus gaining weight. When you eat vegetables before a meal, you are bound to fill up your stomach with fiber therefore feeling a bit fuller.  

Eat vegetables to avoid weight gain
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Eat Slowly

Believe it or not, one more way in which you can avoid gaining weight is by eating slowly. The average amount of time that your body begins to realize that “oh, here comes food” is roughly twenty minutes. So what happens if you eat too quickly and you are done before twenty minutes are over? Well, you are bound to be back at the serving table to help yourself to a second, third or even fourth round.

To help prevent this from happening, take your time while eating, and if this proves to be too hard for you, engage someone next to you in some talk. Now you don’t have to go all weird in a restaurant and start talking to strangers across the table, but I am sure you can figure out how you can slow down your eating.

Eat slowly to avoid weight gain
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Stay Away From Side Dishes

This might surprise you but side dishes contain a high amount of calories than the main course. I know they can be quite tempting, I fall prey to them all the time, but it is always good to avoid them as much as possible. That way, you will be sure to prevent your body from gaining all that weight that you worked so hard to lose.

Avoid side dishes
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Keep On Exercising To Avoid Gaining Weight

The one thing that we tend to forget, as soon as we have lost weight, is that if we stop what we were doing in order to lose that weight in the first place, then we are bound to gain weight all over again. It could be that you were exercising very regularly without fail but as soon as you attained your goal, you decided to stop exercising which is a wrong move.

It could be that you moved away from your usual health club or gym, which is usually excuse number one, or that you are too busy with a lot of responsibilities, excuse number two, but we all know the truth. You chose to stop exercising because you believed that it is too cumbersome or time-consuming.

Well, exercising should not be as difficult or time-consuming as you might want to imagine, there are a number of easy exercises that you can do at home with or without expensive gym equipments.

 Also, taking a brisk walk around the park can work wonders as well as a light jog around the park or home. I do it all the time and it works wonders for me, matter of fact, I have even cancelled my local gym membership as I find it much easier to do simple workouts at home such as palate push ups, and skipping the rope, believe it or not.

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In Conclusion

I use these methods all the time and I have managed to keep excess weight away from my body. I believe that if take time to follow my advice, you will quickly realize that these are some of the easiest ways on how to avoid weight gain without necessarily spending extra money on gyms, health clubs or expensive diet supplements.

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