barbeque salmon

When you think of barbeque season, you tend to think of steaks, burgers and hotdogs, but you can barbeque or grill many other foods, such as fish without creating a charred mess.

To barbeque fish to perfection, you just need to have the right tools and fish. I have had fish many times that were burnt on the bottom or dried out. So, if you start with the right fish and tools then this could be your signature dish this summer! Pair it up with a nice tossed salad and a whole wheat roll and this is also a great calorie saving meal as well!

Things You Will Need

Here is what you need:

Fish with the skin still on (this is important to grill fish right on the rack)

salmon, trout, halibut are good examples.

Thin metal spatula

Clean barbeque grill set to medium heat

Grilling sauce of your choice

Step 1


Put your fish fillets directly on the grill on medium heat with the skin down. Brush on your sauce or seasonings of your choice. You don't need to flip the fish, just put the lid down to let it cook. Don't go too far, as barbeque fish cooks very fast. You don't want to dry it out. You may want to have your side dishes prepared ahead of time, so that you can serve your barbeque fish immediately.

Cooking times are based on the thickness. A good ballpark figure, is to grill for five minutes for every 1/2 inch of fish thickness.

To remove the fish, you need to slide a metal flipper between the skin and the fish. The skin will likely stick to the grill, but will have protected the fish. You can remove the skin later. This stops you from having a burnt tasting fish fillet or dried out one. This is one of the main reasons, many people give up on barbeque fish.

If you are looking for a nice tasting grilling sauce, here is one that I find tastes great on barbeque fish such a salmon.

Step 2

Maple Glaze

Take two tablespoons of real maple syrup, and mix with one tablespoon of soy sauce. then brush this over the barbeque fish during the last five minutes or so of grilling. This tastes great!

I was not a fish lover at all, until I tasted barbeque fish. My favorite is salmon fillets. But remember the trick is to barbeque the fish with the skin still on, and then slip a thin spatula between the skin and the fish. Tastes great with grilled vegetables and a summer potato salad.

Barbeque fish. Try it at your next barbeque. This is a great dish to grill when you get sick of day after day of red meat on the barbeque! What a nice change!

Tips & Warnings

you may actually prefer barbeque fish to beef!