How Jewelry Buyers Can Save Big On Their Next Purchase

Many jewelry buyers do not realize that you can negotiate when shopping at jewelry stores.  The price listed on gem jewelry is certainly not the price you have to pay, especially today.  When you walk in to a car dealership no one expects to pay the price listed on the sticker.  It's a little known fact that the same applies to gem jewelry, the sticker price is not the price you have to pay.
To get the best price you need to decide where to buy jewelry.  There are jewelry stores on almost every corner in most cities and towns(and numerous online jewelry retailers which we will get to later).  Competition is fierce for your business and you are going to use this to your advantage. 
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 The first thing you need to do when buying gem jewelry is make sure you are speaking with someone who has the authority to negotiate prices.  Once the initial conversation about price starts ask the person you are speaking with if they have the authority to negotiate prices, if they say they do not, then ask to speak with someone who does(and don't worry about a negative reaction, they would much rather bargain with a willing customer and take less of a profit than have to wait for another potential customer to walk through the door).
If you are looking for a specific piece of gem jewelry then get competing prices(after negotiating) from several jewelry stores in your area for the specific piece you are looking for.  Get at least three prices, and the more prices you get the better off you will be.
Once you have the negotiated offers in hand then you are going to go online, this is how jewelry buyers can save a ton.  There are countless reputable places online where you can buy gem jewelry, and if you can get the best price online as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar store, then you can buy online. 
Go to a search engine and type in "buy jewelry" or "buy jewelry online" and this will return you many results of online jewelry stores.   Go to several of these sites and build your ring online, you will then get a price from each of these sites.  Many times jewelry buyers can get much better prices from online retailers because they don't have the costs associated with having a traditional store, and they pass these savings on to you in order to win your business.
This has become such a problem for the jewelry industry that many stores are telling wholesalers of gem jewelry that if they do business with these online companies they will not buy jewelry from them.  This is great for the consumer.  The reason this is happening is that online companies can offer jewelry at a substantial discount over traditional brick and mortar stores, and are majorly cutting into their profits.  Jewelry buyers who are smart are using this to their advantage, and that is what you are going to do.
Once you have quotes from several online establishments take them  to the jewelry stores in your area that you initially got the quotes from.  Show them the lower prices that you were quoted online and tell them that if they do not beat(or at least match) the quotes you received online then you are going to buy your gem jewelry from the online retailer.  Go to all the stores you initially bargained with and see who will offer you the lowest price.  You are going to pit these stores against each other (yet again) by informing them the new lower prices you were quoted after receiving the online quotes.  So, you bargained the first time for a better price, now you're going to bargain again after receiving the online quotes, and you can pit the stores new lower quotes against each other to really get a great deal. 
 Jewelry buyersCredit: gotscolios
Using this method will help jewelry buyers save a ton.  Competition is great for the consumer, and there is more competition than ever for your business in the jewelry industry.  If you decide to buy your gem jewelry online just take a few simple steps to make absolutely certain you are dealing with a reputable establishment.  
First, make sure the company you do business with is listed in the Better Business Bureau, this is a sign they are a company with good standing in the business world.  Next, make sure that they have a fair return policy, if you are unhappy with your gem jewelry for any reason you should be able to return it within a pre-determined time period that is clearly stated to you on their website or when you talk to them over the phone.  Finally, they should insure the shipment of your gem jewelry so in case something happens to it in transit you will not be stuck with damaged jewelry.
There are so many choices today as to where to buy jewelry.  Luckily the consumer is the big winner in this as you can negotiate very good prices on gem jewelry when you follow the directions listed above.  Jewelry buyers who are smart will pit the competition against each other and can end up with exactly what they were looking for at a big discount from the sticker price displayed in stores.

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