First of all

While you don't want to come off as too much of the typical 'nice guy' that smothers her with his attention, attends to her every need and kisses her ass, there is nothing unattractive about being a gentleman if it comes from a place of strength and confidence.

Here is a list of actions that you can take and things that you can do when you're in the company of a woman. Mastering these can make you come off as James Bond in no time and you're bound to increase the amount of women yearning for you.

Things that you can do to become a gentleman

1. Holding up the door for her. If you're on a date with a woman and you've some chemistry going on between the both of you, you can place your hand on her lower back to 'guide' her in through the door. But be careful, doing this too soon can make you come off as creepy.

2. Always be polite. Just saying 'Thank you' and 'Excuse me' goes a long way.
Treat the waitress with respect, listen to your date and don't interrupt others when they're speaking.

3. Do not curse in the company of women. When you're hanging out with your guy friends, feel free to go ahead. But in the company of women it's a big no-no. Enough said.

4. Do not lose your temper. Think of how Sean Connery in the 007 movies would act. Stay cool.

5. Don't be a pig. What does that mean? It means that you do not spit, you do not burp, and you do not fart and so on.

6. People always say that you should respect your elders. Even better is respecting everyone. Do it.

7. No hat indoors. Don't put your hat on the dinner table.

8. Wait for everyone to be seated before you start eating. If you're not out at a restaurant and if you're at a dinner party, wait for the host or hostess to give you the permission to start eating.

9. Put on her coat.

10. Help her to get seated.

11. If there are no seats available for her. Give her yours. Do the same if you're on the bus or subway and there is a woman, elderly or handicapped nearby.

12. If a woman goes up to go to the ladies room, stand up, go back to sitting after she has walked away. This one is very old school and therefore you'll be the only man doing it. It's very cool if done right.

13. You can offer her your arm. You've seen it in movies. Do the same.

14. You should ask for the bill. You should notify the staff at the restaurant if either of you wants or needs anything.

15. Walk on the outside on the sidewalk. Let her walk on the inside. Some say this is because you're supposed to take the hit if a car goes off the road. Some say that it's because in the old days they used to throw out things out the windows onto the sidewalk beneath.

16. Don't flaunt and brag. Stop mentioning about how much money you make or the car that you just bought. Don't be a douchebag.

17. Don't groom yourself in public. What do I mean? Stop picking your teeth in front of everyone!

18. Respect others time. Always be on time.

19. Stop being a wimp when shaking hands.

20. Ask the lady your with if she is okay with you smoking. Even better, ask whoever it is that you're with.

21. Carry things for her. Or at least, offer to carry things for her.

22. Don't talk about your "conquests".

23. Share your umbrella or coat.

24. You could try paying the bill discreetly. It's very suave.

25. Don't speak with food in your mouth.

26. Pick up items that she dropped.

27. Walk beside a woman while walking on the stairs, make sure that don't walk behind her, especially if she is wearing a skirt.

28. Maintain good hygiene.

29. Don't ogle women.

30. Women are at more risk of physical assault than men. Keep this in mind. Make sure she gets home safe.

31. Maintain a good body posture.

If you forget all of these, just think to yourself how James Bond would act.