How To Be A Good Father

Being a good father doesn't have to be difficult. It's actually really good fun most of the time and very rewarding. In this article I talk about what qualities and principles I believe a good dad should have. I fully expect that there will be readers that fully agree, partly agree and totally disagree with some of the things I have to say. However despite which of the three categories you fall into I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this article. I have a similar article about being a good mother that may be of interest to you. Often people are surprised how many of the qualities of being a good mother are applicable to being a good father.

Have Your Childrens Interests At Heart

Always do your best to put your children's interests first. This can involve making some sacrifices. Is there anything about your lifestyle and habits that may have a negative effect on your children? I'm not just talking physically I mean mentally too. There is a common phrase 'monkey see, monkey do' and don't get me wrong I'm not calling our children little monkeys but they will copy your actions as they look to you as a role model. If you smoke or drink alcohol on a regular basis then consider quitting. Not only is smoking around your children bad for their health it's also increasing the chances of them thinking it's ok to smoke and drink. If you must smoke or drink alcohol then try to do it when they are not around the best solution of course is to quit all together. Quitting smoking and drinking is a much better option as you will be much healthier yourself. You'll live longer and have more money left at the end of each month to spend on doing things together as a family.

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Do you realise how much your actions will be mirrored by your children? If you improve the way you live your life and do sensible things, then your children will naturally copy you. Make sure you practise what you preach as kids these days are far from stupid and will realise if you tell them something is right or wrong then contradict what you've said by your actions. When you cross the road do it in the correct and safest way possible, always say please and thank you when asking for something, be polite. These habits are infectious, demonstrate them enough and you children will instinctively copy you.

Managing Spare Time

How To Be A Good Father_2Give up some of your spare time for your children even when it sometimes seems like a chore after a long day at work. Spending time with your children is more often than not very rewarding. It won't be long before they'll be all grown up and have a family of their own so make sure you enjoy your children whilst they are still young. With children you get out what you put in, give them time and you'll be rewarded by what they have to offer. Don't let your work life take over, it is difficult especially if you are driven by your career. Working hard and earning lots of money is great for the whole family, but just consider that working long hours to earn lots of money has got it's negative points too (apart from the obvious ones of course.)

Give Them A Hug

How To Be A Good Father_1Show your children that you love them by embracing them with a hug every now and then. Try not to forget that kids need physical contact. Don't be embarrassed to hug your children and show the world that you care about them. You shouldn't care about what other people may think.

Share The Day-To-Day Tasks With Mum

In these modern times fathers should be involved with the day-to-day care of children. At one time in society it was all too often a case that mum's would have their role and dad's theirs. This is no longer the case, as a father make sure you get involved from the second your child is born. Change them, help with feeding and bathing don't just leave these tasks for mum to do. It's a great opportunity to bond with your child.

Read To Your Children

How To Be A Good Father_1(80993)Reading to your children is a fantastic way to spend time with them. Not only are you educating them but children's books are really good fun too. Try and have a set time each day or week when you read to them, a popular time is bedtime. Try not to read to them in a monotone voice, if you do then they could switch off. Often good story tellers use different voices for each character. The whole experience of reading can be great fun for both your children and you.

Support Each Other

Part of being a good father is supporting mum. If mum says something that you may not agree with then try not to challenge her in front of the children. This works both ways, if either parent says something that the other does not agree with then discuss it later. Contradicting each other in front of the children can be very confusing for them. Be loving and caring to each other and later in their life your children will more than likely treat their loved ones the same way.

Make Time For Yourself

Make time to do the things that you want to do. Although your family is your number one priority you must make sure that you still make time for yourself. If you go flat out all the time without having a break you will wear yourself out and an exhausted father is no use to anyone. Call up your friends and arrange an evening or night out. I'm sure that mum will be happy to take care of the children while you unwind a little. After all she'll expect you to return the favour when it's her turn to unwind.

Thank you for reading my article about how to be a good father. Hopefully you have found my tips useful and will give some of them a go. Remember that being a dad is tough at times but always rewarding. Now go and enjoy your children while they are still young as they grow up so fast!