Realize just how valuable your friends truly are.  True friends are those which stick by you through the good times and bad times.  They’re not perfect but their loyalty passes the test every time.  They are a blessing from God that brings enrichment to your life.  Think about some of your really good friends and just imagine how your life would be lacking if they were not apart of it.  Let this draw you towards appreciation for them and a desire to be the very best friend you can be.


If you haven’t been the best friend you can be its okay, but know that now is the best time to start.  There is really no perfect formula to this just a willingness to put forth effort and a heart that loves and appreciates the friends God has given you.


Being a really good friend means being there even when you don’t want to be. In the New American Standard Bible translation, Proverbs 17:17, states, “A friend loves at all times.”  From this we can gather that friendship should not really be conditional, but it should be in your heart to care for the person and desire only the best for him or her.  This can be difficult for all of us especially in situations where we feel our friends are not treating us as we feel they should.  But, as a friend each of us has decided in our heart that we are going to love the person regardless of the circumstances.  Relationships will always develop and grow during these times.


Being a really good friend also means always being ready to spend your time, energy, and money for the sake of friendship.  You don’t do this because you have to but because in your heart you want to.  Basically you are making an effort to spend time with your friend to build the relationship as well as being available when they need your help.  This could be scheduling a lunch meeting with your friend every week to have quality time or driving your friend to work as he or she’s car is in the shop.


Really good friends will tell you the truth even if it’s painful or you don’t want to hear it.  They are honest with you because they know that the truth always brings freedom and wellness.  They’re intent is never to harm you but to help you.  Giving a friend wise counsel is a priceless gift.  It can bring your friend clarity to a situation, peace about something troubling him or her, wisdom about life choices, as well as caution about unwise decisions.


Really good friends will often show they’re appreciation for you.  They want you to know how much you mean to them.  Real friendship never requires that you must give or do something for your friend, but if you have it on your heart to do so why not.


Really good friends are not perfect people but people who have simply chosen to love.


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