How to become an internet millionaire

So, you want to know the secret to becoming an internet millionaire? Why not learn how to make millions directly from a millionaire. Here's what Ewen Chia said about how to become successful online:


He said that the only thing you need to do to make your fortune online is that you need to pick 1 strategy/1 approach to making money online and focus all your energy on that approach. You need to take action... massive amounts of action towards your goal using this 1 strategy every single day.


That's all there really is to know about how to become super successful online. You only have to pick 1 strategy and work at it every single day. Take many steps every day to get closer to your goal. It really is that simple.


What happens to most people is that they get stuck in preparing to take action. They read, they learn, they buy more books, etc... when all they really need is to pick the right training system(just 1 and not 10000000) and then apply/carry out all that they learn. Knowledge is useless unless applied every single day.


They say knowledge is power but the truth is that it is powerful only when you implement it. Otherwise it is useless. If you go to the warrior forum right now(one of the best internet marketing forums in the world) and you check in the warrior special offer section, there is a free wso by Mr. Willie Crawford himself. Mr. Crawford is another internet marketing legend and in his wso he teaches you 20 approaches that can lead you to earning over 100000 dollars a year. Actually, he even states that if you apply everything about 1 system you could be making over a million dollars every single year.


Another great training program you can learn from is the one I promote in my signature file. If you're interested, check right next to my picture, I talk about it in more detail on my blog(you can click the link there to get to the blog).


Again, I want to re-emphasize the fact that all you really need to do is pick 1 thing and implement it until it becomes successful. That 1 thing could be affiliate marketing or product creation or a million other things. Just pick one and work at it every single day and you will reach success. I guarantee it.


When we spread our attention and energy to too many projects, they all end up failing. When we are instead focused entirely on one project, we succeed. We REALLY succeed.


Confucius said that when you are chasing two rabbits at the same time, you end up catching none. That's what I'm talking about in this article. If you want to catch a rabbit, you need to pick one and go after it with all you got!


I hope this article inspires you to get focused and to go after your goal with everything you have. Remember that it's crucial to take massive action. It's the only way you'll see results.


Of course, you also need to remember to give yourself a break from time to time to rest and recharge. This could mean any kind of recreation that gives you energy like watching a comedy movie and laughing your butt off... or anything else that you really enjoy doing. Dancing, singing, etc...


One more thing I wanted to put the emphasis about internet marketing since that is what I am talking about here is that it has been said millions of times that "the money is in the list". Remember that saying and implement it. What it means is that you need to build a list of potential customers and paying customers so that you can earn money on the back-end and not just on the front end. This is super successful in online marketing. If it wasn't, why would all the millionaire online entrepreneurs be building their own lists all the time? This wouldn't make sense. If you focus all your time and energy on selling someone 1 thing, you're leaving plenty of money on the table. You have to realize that a paying customer is super valuable because it means they will probably buy from you again. That's why it's so crucial to build a list of people who have bought from you and will probably buy from you again. You can then capitalize on that list by selling them even more products.


Also, if you're still after more information about how to become super rich on the internet, my best piece of advice is to learn from the pros. Learn from the Ewen Chias and the Willie Crawfords. They've been in this game for much longer than we have and they have a lot of great information to share with you if you would just let them in. It's as simple as that. If you want to earn the best, you have to learn from the best. Sign up for their newsletters. Buy their books. But once you do buy a good product or training program(like the one I promote in my signature), you must NOT let it sit on the proverbial shelf and let it collect the proverbial dust. You have to IMPLEMENT every single thing you learn if you ever want to be successful at this. You have to take action on everything you learn and see what works for you. Otherwise, everything you buy and read is just a waste of your valuable time.


You can become a millionaire on the internet. There's one internet marketer named John Reese who historically made a million dollars in one single day on the internet. Of course there was a lot of preparation that led to that famous million dollar day but still, that's huge! It just goes to show you that the potential of the internet is really great. So take action today and find the right program for yourself and learn from the best. Then carry out everything you learn and make lots of money!

I hope this article helps and I wish you the best of luck!