With appropriate desire, and motivation, you can make 'nonsense' of talent. Let me explain myself!

It is now a scientific fact that you can become 'talented' anything.

Maybe I should start this with a summary of a report that I read. The report stated that to succeed at internet business, (and I suppose it goes for most human endeavor) you need three things:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Tools, and
  3. Desire and motivation to apply 1 and 2.

If by now you don't have the idea of what this writing is about, I think I should give it to you in clear terms; it is to give to you the baseline of motivation you need to motivate yourself to do what you have to do.

It is my expectation that you now know that you are the main motivation you can have. Without your permission nobody can motivate you. I will like to also believe that you know that, where there is will, there is a way.

Should it be that you don’t have the knowledge of what you want done, or that you don’t have the tools or capital to achieve your dream or goals, the solution is still there. Where? Yes, right inside of you. Maybe you don’t believe, or you have not heard this philosophy that, "every problem has with it the clue to its solution'. Well, in your case, you have the problem, the problem of achieving your dream, and attaining your goals. The moral of that philosophy is "you have the solution". You have the solution to the knowledge issue, you have the tools issue. You just have to think more, believe more and look more.

If I had not forgotten, we were talking on how to be talented 'anything'. Maybe you are looking for something complex or farfetched; I hope it will not shock you that it is nothing but perfect and repeated practice and, of course, with a lot of attitude. Don’t get me wrong about the attitude, it is simply put: motivation.

Now about the scientific fact: K. Anders Ericsson, a professor of psychology at Florida State University, who has studied the subject of "expert performance" for almost all of his professional life, conducted an experiment 30 years ago. His experiment involves the training of people to hear and repeat series of numbers over varied lengths of time. The results of the experiment are, summarily, that performance increase with increase in hours of practice. With these results and those from later experiment, Ericsson concluded that whatever innate ability a person might have for remembering, it is nothing compared to how much he can learn by practice.

An acquaintance of mine, in his remarks about the results from Dr. Ericsson's experiments, wrote this bottom line "Talent is highly overrated".

Ericsson's research and findings has been put together in an 800-page book, titled: The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, it is available for sale at amazon.com.

The crux of this article is that if you give anything the right attention and time, you will soon be "as good as" (actually, there is no basis for comparison) any talented 'that thing' you do.

The paragraph you just read was meant to be the conclusion, but I received a message, from a pastor, that changed that. I think I should share it with you:

"We dream, think, plan, hope and even pray;

But without the gift of persistence,

Our lives will be nothing more than empty wishes."

This kind of summarizes the article, right?

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