Youth Leader

What it takes to be a youth leader

When we go to a youth group or young adult church group have you ever noticed the leaders of that group? What qualifications do they have to lead effectively? What personality traits do they possess that give them that ability to lead? What do they know? How do they apply themselves? These are all questions that a person should be asking if they feel like they are called into leadership for the youth in our churches and groups because in society today the youth have great potential but are lost. There's no direction in their lives and because they aren't guided and encouraged they just live life the way it takes them. Groups need more than just a place to gather, it needs quality leadership and guides and encourages our young people today.

Being confident

This is a key factor that makes or breaks a new upcoming leader is being confident. I've seen leaders that didn't always have the answers or always knew what to say, but their confidence is what kept the group moving forward and motivated the young adults to better themselves. We always look up to people who are confident in themselves because that boldness is something we all desire. Society today in movies, shows, games, and in social environments seem to put down shy insecure people so there's that idea that being confident makes you a more likeable person. While it's not good that we as a society do that, it is there and having that confidence in yourself will allow you to be that bold effective leader that the youth needs to experience.

Having good values

Nobody who is right in their mind looks up to people who do distasteful things. Beating up a loved one, putting others down, bullying, laughing at people for faults or weaknesses. The list goes on but the point is clear that having good character and good values is highly favored and looked upon. Our youth today needs to be exposed to these values while they are growing and changing. Society today doesn't offer this as much as in the past, so we need to rise up and build our character and get into youth leadership to change the next generation. Exude those character traits and totally own them and make them a core of your being. Youth leaders have the ability to show what's right and what's wrong and instill those values into others. We can being to see transformation in our society when the next generation comes through with proper leadership. They can know how to treat a girl/boy properly, how to care for the elderly, how to lift others up instead of tearing them down, how to help others in need, how to show compassion instead of hatred.

Be driven

Having goals and desires and striving to meet them is something that we admire. Those who are driven and motivated to push until they reach their goals is something we talk about and write about everyday. When was the last time we exalted or talked about a lazy person who sat around complaining about nothing good happening to them? Never! We always admire those who persevered, who pushed through to get their goals met, to overcome the odds and beat expectations, who take life by the horns and blaze the trail of their destiny and lives instead of following the pack. This translates well into youth groups! The younger generations of today need to be shown that being driven and passionate about goals is key to making and living a successful life. Having a leader that has those goals and a history of stepping out and reaching them is a powerful trait to instill to others!

Humor: Renewing and addicting

This one isn't mandatory like I believe these other things are, but I truly believe that leaders today that have a sense of humor are much more effective at reaching the youth than those that are stiff, rigid, and to the point. It doesn't have to be overboard; you don't have to do standup, but I believe humor breaks down barriers and walls and enables more effective leadership. It lightens the mood, and when our young people are laughing and enjoying themselves they in essence open themselves up more to that leader because they like being around them. How many young people enjoy sitting under leadership that never has fun and jokes around? Usually they talk behind their backs and disrespect them. But leadership that reaches out and takes part in their activities and makes them laugh and happy will cause the younger generation to respect and care and follow that lead.

Be all you can be

These tips can allow you to answer those questions you have if you are called or feel led into youth group leadership. If you take your time and follow these and other articles that talk about leadership and let it sink in, then you will see those qualities come forth and you can be a powerful tool in the growth of younger people looking for someone to lead them.