Realize the artist in you.           

Do you desire to be an inspirational artist? Undiscovered fields of potential, too many unrealized dreams. You once started as a fledgling artist watching a butterfly, as a child; thoroughly delighted in the forms, textures and colors. A magical feeling springs forth when you see your work come to life from your inner visions and memories. It is the same for others that see and feel the passion in your work.

Here are some ideas to consider while becoming an inspirational artist.

There are many ways to express.

Acknowledge your desire to create. Perhaps you have dabbled in collecting art. Your appreciation for other inspirational artists, their artwork and creativity through the years; this has helped you with your own confidence in seeking creative outlets.

 Find your creative medium.

Start small or dive head first into projects that appeal to you. You can start buying limited supplies; perhaps a stretched canvas and acrylic paint. A basic beginner's kit can be affordable and fun. Drawings, watercolor or clay sculpture supplies can be dabbled with while finding your niche. Start with what you are drawn to and follow the inner passions.

Explore art tutorials and workshops, locally or online.

Take classes or workshops locally. This is a good way to try out several types of medium or materials. You can find out exactly the time and effort required. One technique may jump out at you over the other options. There are also many free online opportunities to gain education in a variety of expressions.

Connect with your inner child.

Contemplate on the essence of creativity that lies at your core being. Going inward in a calm environment--perhaps filled with gentle music--can bring visions of your secret self. Do breathing and meditation exercises in the morning while your mind is fresh and a blank canvas. Realize and explore the inspirational artist in you.

Catalog your works.

A book with photos of your works can be invaluable. Perhaps create a journal on the opposite page of your captioned photo log. Note the dates of your project, the medium used. Mention what was happening in your life that may have inspired you in this endeavor; also, location and anything else that would reflect your state of mind.

This is an enhanced type of scrap booking that can later educate you on your progress or serve as a means of being critiqued by teachers and friends. You'll be glad you took the time. It will augment your passion and desire to continue on the path of realizing the inspirational artist in you.

Inspirational Butterfly