How To Be More Beautiful

The aspects that contribute to your overall outer beauty are your hair, skin, teeth, nails, body shape & dress sense. You will want to take good care of all of these things to be at your most beautiful. Being beautiful isn't just about high cheek bones and a toned flat stomach, it's also about taking care of yourself and maintaining your appearance.

What You Can Do With Your Hair

Determine what shaped face you have and choose a haircut that will best suit the shape of your face to compliment your natural beauty. There are 4 main face shapes, rounded, oval, heart-shaped, and square.

If you have a rounded shaped face

Ideally your hair will be at least shoulder length, short hair is bound to emphasize the roundness of your face. A layered cut will add dimension, breaking up the appearance of roundness of your face, this is a good choice. Otherwise have your bangs cut so that they fall against your cheeks, framing your face, making it appear narrower. I advise against a fringe and curls ,which are likely to emphasize the roundness. If you wearing your hair up, have bangs falling around your cheeks and ears, if your wearing your hair down wear it straight, slightly tousled, or wavy.

If you have a square-shaped face

Avoid super-straight, flat hair, this will only emphasize the sharpness of your jaw bone. Wear your hair down, wavy or curly to reduce the appearance of the sharp angle of the jaw, this will make you look much more feminine. A fringe might work for you, especially a fringe that gradually lengthens towards the sides of your face, delicately draping near your ears. Use hair-spray to give volume to the top of the head, lengthening the appearance of your face so that it looks less square.

If you have an oval-shaped face

Shoulder to chest length hair will be best for you, very long hair could make your face look longer.  Give your hair lots of volume to make your face appear more filled out, a layered hair cut will help to achieve this, and hair-spray is your friend. A fringe might be good for you also, try a side sweep fringe, or a blunt straight cut to shorten the appearance of your face.

If you have a heart-shaped face

You can pretty much get away with anything having a heart shaped face. Short Pixie cuts, wavy shoulder length, long and straight, ringlets, experiment.

Face Shapes

Dress Right For Your Body Type

There are 4 main body types for women:

Column- Straight up and down narrow frame, lack of womanly curves.

Hour Glass - Rounded shapely hips, narrow waist, often broad shoulders and back, but not always.

Pear- Bottom heavy, the bottom half of body from the torso down is proportionately larger in scale to the upper half of the body

Apple - Top heavy, The top half of the body is proportionately larger in scale in comparison to the lower half of the body, the legs are thin, the middle is thick and the bust is large

Body shapes

Column body shape- Wear clothing that creates the illusion of shape, clothing with frills is a good way to do this.  Wear skirts with frills around the hips and tops with frills around the bust, or skirts that fan out rather than being flush with the body. Bubble style skirts, pleats and baby-doll dresses.

Pear body shape- Wear boot-leg jeans or tailored pants to balance the width of your hips. Wear tops that are patterned, frilled, or decorative in some other way to create the illusion of volume, this will distract attention from the width of your hips. Maxi dresses and baby-dolls are also a good option for you.

Apple body shape- Wear loosely fitted tops, chiffon is favourable rather than something that clings like cotton. Baby doll styles are perfect for you. Wide-leg cut, mid-rise pants might help to balance your over all shape, or try straight cut, hipster to mid- rise jeans. If you have large shoulders or arms, you can wear a light, floaty chiffon shawl to minimize appearance of them and make you feel more comfortable. If you have long thin pins, show them off while being less revealing of the upper half of your body.

Hour glass body shape- Wear fitted clothing; tailored mid-rise pants, boot leg cut hipster jeans, pencil skirts, fitted cotton singlets and tops, accentuate your womanly figure, you are lucky.


Basic hair care tips

Wash your hair every 2-3 days, washing every day could cause the hair to become dry and brittle. If you have particularly oily hair you can use a dry shampoo between washes. Dry shampoo comes in an aerosol can, with which you simply spray on and brush through to freshen up your hair between washes, giving it volume and disguising the oilliness.

Have your hair trimmed every 3-6 weeks to avoid split ends.

Use hot oil treatments on your hair occasionally, this will increase shine and strength of hair, coating it in lush minerals.

Hand and nail care

Moisturize your hands regularly, preferably after you wash them. Place a small pump bottle of hand cream next to your bathroom sink, get into the habit of rubbing in a bit of hand cream after you wash your hands, as the soap will contribute to drying out the skin.

Trim and file your finger and toe nails about once a week to keep them neat and tidy. If you paint your nails you should remove the paint and redo every 2-4 days, chipped nail paint is not beautiful. Additionally you can use a cuticle oil to help keep the bases of your nails healthy, which will be helpful if you tend to get dry, crusty or peeling pieces of skin around the bases of your nails.

Foot Care

Utilizing a foot spa is an easy and pleasant way of taking care of your feet. The soaking in warm water will help to keep the bottoms of your feet soft and supple, and you can add skin oils to the foot spa water to further help with softening the skin.  If your have rough patches on your feet, particularly on the heels, use a pumice stone, scrubbing lightly to remove the dead, hard and dry skin.

Skin Care

Use a body moisturizer that has vitamin A & E in it for anti-aging properties, and to maintain high levels of collagen. I recommend using bio-oil in contrast with a vitamin A&E cream, as it keeps the skin soft and supple, is pleasant to use and easy to apply. When you apply your body creams and/or oils, take the time to thoughrally massage them into your skin to ensure that they are properly absorbed. Also stimulating the skin through massage with help to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

For your face use an anti wrinkle cream, and eye cream before you apply make-up, and after you remove your make-up. Be sure to remove your makeup at the end of the day, sleeping with it on is likely to clog your pores, causing acne and blackheads. If you are prone to acne and/ or blackheads, try using a mineral foundation which allows you skin to 'breathe' throughout the day, also i recommend using proactiv. Proctiv is a great product, there is good reason why it is endorsed by so many celebrities.

Teeth care

The whiter your teeth the brighter your smile. Use a whitening toothpaste, and don't be slack when it comes to brushing your teeth, make the effort to do it properly twice a day. So long as you brush your teeth thoughrally, don't worry about flossing. Do get a simple DIY teeth whitening kit, which you should be able to purchase from your local supermarket or chemist store for $10-30 dollars. A tooth whitening kit will consist of  2 mouth guards, one for your top row of teeth one for the bottom row, and a gel that you apply to the inside of the mouth guard and place on your teeth leaving it there for 5-10 minutes. You can use these while in the shower if that makes it more convenient for you.



Taking care of you health also contributes towards your physical beauty. Drink lot's of water as it will help to keep your skin clear and glowing, as will eating fresh fruit and vegetables. We all know that exercise is important too, enough said. Try at least one or all of these tips and you will most definitely be feeling beautiful in no time.