The saying goes: if you are faithful in little things, you will also be faithful in big things. Could it be that consistency is a matter of character?


How to Be Consistent

Here are 3 steps which could help you be more consistent in your work, studies, relationships and family. 

1. Start Practicing How to Be Consistent in Little Simple Things.

Begin with things and responsibilities, where it could be easy for you to practice consistency. For example, commit to going for a walk every day after work, commit to washing your plate or cup after each time you eat. Make your bed every day.   Put heart into practicing these little things.

If you get off track, remember, nobody is keeping a scorecard on you. On the opposite, we are cheering for you! Just get back into it and begin practicing consistency again. Keep in mind, it is not about perfection but persistence! The point is to build up consistent character and feel more confident and successful in these little areas.

2. Stretch Yourself to Greater Goals

As you become more confident about being consistent in little things in life, stretch yourself by adding one more responsibility or goal. For example, commit to responding on priority emails within two days every time. Keep staying committed to little things as well though.

3. Get Support to Propel Consistency in You

Share with a very trusted friend or family member that you are working on growing this character trait and some of the things you are undertaking. Tell them, you would appreciate if they could ask you or check in with you about this once a week or so. Tell them, you are willing to give them support as well if needed.  Something amazing happens when you bring your personal goal of growing your character and being more consistent into open and surround yourself with support of  people. You will propel forward so much faster. 

4. Mentor or Help Someone to Learn How to Be More Consistent

Even if you yourself are still in the process of growing and maturing consistent character, there is already the passage of journey you have travelled. This experience and lessons learned are a treasure, not only for you, but also for others. Reach out to someone and share your empathy, compassion, understanding and cheer for someone on the similar journey. Ask them questions, share your own experiences as you grow in being more consistent. Truth is: as you mentor and teach others - you grow yourself!