How To Be Funny Every Time

In Three Simple Steps.

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Ever told a joke that you thought that was funny but everyone just stares you awkwardly. I, as a comedy writer, felt the same way. I remember writing this comedy and how I showcased it. It was like a train wreck that you wanted to look away from. Even when I told jokes to my friends, they would look at me like I was crazy or that I was speaking Martian. It was soon after that after I stumbled upon basic principle that was just so simple  that I couldn't believe it. I was dumfounded how simple this principle was but then I figured that it makes complete sense. After all, this is a cosmic joke in the realm of jokes.

What I am talking about is the 3-step principle that can make any joke funny and save you from embarrassment. It's called The 3-Step Principle and this is how it follows: Setup; Premise; Punchline. That's it. That's how simple the principle is. Each of these terms can explain themselves.

Setup: This is the first part when it comes time to tell a joke. Every "funny" joke has this. You have to set things up for your joke to work. Otherwise, it just doesn't work. If you saw a 700-pound guy sitting on a wooden stool, you can say "I feel sorry for the stool." That's a mean joke, though but nonetheless, it's a joke. Some setups actually set up themselves. What's the setup in this? He's a morbidly obese man sitting on a stool. This is the setup.

Premise: This is the second part of telling a joke. At this part, there's usually a defined position. It's usually a complete idea. Think of it as a sentence: while, the setup is the beginning half of the sentence. The premise is the completely finished sentence. Remember that joke I told you before about the morbidly obese man sitting on a stool. You know what the setup is but the premise would be that he's heavy. This is the premise.

Punchline: And finally this is the final part of the joke. This is the actual joke. Most people tell this part of the joke too early and fail to realize the setup and premise come before. (but you don't have to worry about that now, do you) Remember that joke about the morbidly obese man? If you don't then you must have a dangerously short memory or you're just illiterate. The punchline is that "I feel sorry for that stool."

You can use these when you're about to tell that new cute girl in your class because girls like guys who can make them laugh. Also, you're a comedy writer, you can even use this method to make your script hilarious. This method can be used for anything humorous.