Laugh it up!

We all have had jobs in our past or in the present where it's a dull atmosphere to work in and it's a drag. Everyone is very serious with the tasks at hand and nobody is enjoying themselves. Why would anyone want to stay in this environment? The problem with this is that we spend a large majority of our lives at our jobs and working in a depressing boring place isn't productive or motivating. This article talks about the power of being the "funny person" at the job and why you are needed!

Laughing Man
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Be that funny guy (or girl)

Since we spend so much time at our jobs each day, it's pretty obvious that the more fun we have on the job the more productive and happy we are. This is where you come in because every job needs to have funny, joyful people. If your environment is like the one I describe where nobody is funny then you have the potential to really turn around your work environment for the better! A study was done where managers who used frequent humor had the most productive employees and highest level of productivity in the work place.[1] This is really astounding! Productivity is linked with laughter and humor! Just what I have noticed at many of my "serious business" jobs. I'll crack one really good one liner joke and for the next 5 minutes my co-workers are laughing and I notice the lighter mood causes us to work harder. This is key to having a really profitable business is to always instill laughter to your employees by sending funny emails occasionally, cracking jokes when appropriate, and generally being the funny one around the water cooler to lighten the mood.

It's not just about productivity

So productivity is a pretty integral part of why using humor is good for the workplace, but another prime reason (the main reason for myself personally) for humor is to maLaughing GirlCredit: Wikimedia Commonske the environment more enjoyable. When you are the funny one at work, people like to laugh and will start to catch on! Soon enough everyone is trying to come up with jokes during slow times or when it's not busy to get everyone laughing. It really makes you feel good when everyone has a hearty chuckle from a one liner you cracked between helping customers or taking on another task. Because laughter and humor is addicting it makes the workplace more fun. After all, if you're spending 40 hours with the same people it's almost like they're your second family. Don't just "go to work" each day to do the daily grind again, but instead go to work with the aim to be productive and yet funny so your second family is having fun! Sometimes I find the best jobs to crack humor in are the most serious jobs because everyone is focused and tense usually. So when you bust out the latest joke you read on the internet and everyone isn't expecting it you can cause an uproar of laughter that can change the mood and coarse of the enter workday!

Positive effects to the body

When we are working all day we get tired. The stress and deadlines begin to creep up and we start to get so focused on them that we sort of lose ourselves in our work. Humor has really shown to have positive effects on our emotions and bodies. For one, when we laugh we release "feel good" hormones as I like to call them. This will not only improve our mood and our mental capabilities like being able to focus and be creative, but it also causes things like stress and anxiety to melt away. When was the last time you felt bad after a good laugh? This is simply how our brains are wired and we function much better as a collective whole when we aren't stressed out.

When it comes to our bodies laughing and having a good sense of humor can really change our health. When we laugh our bodies lose the stress which frees up our tense energies. People who are tense have tight muscles and a general feeling of weight pulling them down. Humor will lift those weights off you and loosen up your muscles. This gives increased performance and overall health to our bodies. Studies over many years show that people who experience excess stress have reduced lifespans and increased chance at getting sick or depressed. To think that a little joke here and there can cause us to live healthier lives! This is why being the funny person at work is so important and why if your job lacks one you have to step up and volunteer!

Take the plunge into humor

I hope this has inspired you to be the person that strives for laughter in your workplace. If your job is already a place of joy and laughter then that's wonderful! Enjoy and embrace the healthy work environment. If you work in a workplace that doesn't have these surroundings then please step up and volunteer to be the "funny person" at your job. You don't even have to work hard, the joke and laughter will do the work for you. Find one or two really good jokes and use them each day, and watch as your boring depressed workplace becomes alive and enjoyable to be in.