Easy Ways to be a happy person today

I have often heard that happiness is a state of mind. Then does it mean to say that to be a happy person, I must be satisfied with what I am or what I have today? Be it things related to my status like, myself, where I am or how my career is going on, am I having fun in life or am I excited about my future - if the answers to such queries are a big no, then it will show that I am not happy! But why am I not happy?  I'm Going to be nothing but happy today.

Many of us have always felt that we are searching for the ultimate contentment in life which we feel may be acquired in the future and which will make us happy! We console ourselves that when we reach that time in our life, maybe we will reach our goal of attaining happiness. But what we miss is the joy of this moment and all the fantastic things that it can do or bring for us!

Ways To Feel Happy

Different kind of Happiness

Happiness to each and every person may mean something different like:

  • Getting married
  • A bigger house
  • Getting a divorce
  • A new car
  • Moving to a new home
  • Getting pregnant
  • Getting a new job, and so many other different things.

But what we do not realize is that happiness is within us and we need not go and search for it elsewhere. Materialistic things may give us a sense of fulfillment but it can be temporary as the hollow within us still does not part from us in spite of attaining a lot of money-oriented wealth. So I wish to stop running behind such happiness and try to enjoy what I have today!

Lead me to Happiness

Easy Steps on How To Be a Happy Person Today

There are some easy steps which when followed can lead us to the path towards happiness and they are:

  • I should accept the fact that I deserve to be happy. It is no wonder that I will not feel happy when I do not make an effort in that direction. I should stop feeling worthless but must strive to feel that I deserve to be happy now and always.
  • I should learn to accept myself however I am. I may be good, ugly or bad. I should not dwell upon what is missing in me but learn to improve what I can about myself, learn to love all the positive things in me.
  • I should learn to feel comfortable wherever I am today and not about what I can be in the future. One never knows what life brings in the future. Life brings new opportunities each day. I should learn to enjoy the today of my life.
  • I should learn to appreciate life which is nothing but staying happy. There are many things today in my life which can give me happiness like my family that loves me, a place to live, my job, food I eat and my health. No one knows about the future, so why crib now. Instead if I am grateful for all that I have today, I can be a free, relaxed and happy person.

Here is a list of simple ways to stay relaxed:

  • Go for a walk
  • Call a good friend
  • Spend time outdoors in nature
  • Read a great book
  • Write in a journal
  • Play with a pet
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Meditate
  • Learn to adjust
  • Exercise

 My things to do

  • Most times I do not ask for help from others as I do not wish to burden them. On the contrary, whenever others ask me for help I do my best to contribute it. This means that even I can expect help from others and should ask when a need arises. I cannot after all be happy by keeping my problems to my own self. Hence there is nothing wrong to ask a helping hand now and then.  
  • Each day when I want to be happy I can do something nice for a person. Doing nice can be anything simple like volunteering for a charity or running a small errand for someone or just holding the door for a person behind me. This way my own problems will seem small when I am engaged in helping others. Such random acts of kindness from me will keep me happy and the others also feel a positive impact. This way I can also see how great life is.
  • I need be stagnant in one place but can move forward to something new. This will help me to amend my feeling or thought of being a victim. It also takes me to new pastures, puts power in my hands and all this will lead me to happiness.

Following these simple steps can bring a change in my life and I can move to something better. I do not need to wait for that someday which will bring me happiness. Even the great Dalai Lama has said that the most powerful time is now! So I should stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy today. I will learn to stop focusing on the bygone yesterday and ensuing tomorrow baggages. I do not want to spoil my today’s strength.

This moment is my life and I will concentrate on it.

I will hold gratitude on today’s life and start to be happy. I can thus bring joy in my life each day and every day!

Steps To Being Happy

I'm Going to be nothing but happy today

This moment is my life and I will concentrate on it.

I will hold gratitude on today’s life and start to be happy. I am a happy person and I can bring joy in my life each day and every day!