People LaughingGenerally, people want other people to like them. While some people have superficial traits that cause them to be liked (e.g. they are physically attractive or wealthy), people are often likable simply because they are interesting. While you may believe that "being interesting" is something you're born with (much like "being pretty" or "being smart"), it's not. It's something that you can learn and apply, although it takes more effort for some people than it does for others. Hopefully this article will help you become more interesting, and therefore more likable.

Things You Will Need

- A willingness to talk to other people
- Free time available
- An open mind

Step 1

Define Your Interests

The first step to being interesting is to first figure out what your interests are. It doesn't make sense to try to be interesting with respect to sports if you know nothing about sports and mostly enjoy Greek mythology.

Here's a great way to test if you've accomplished this step: If someone were to ask you, "What are you passionate about?", would you be able to answer the question quickly with a good explanation? If so, you're on your way to being an interesting person.

Step 2

Don't Hold Back

Part of the reason many people come off as "bland" or "boring" is because they're afraid to speak their mind and in general, be their usual selves. While it's important to be appropriate and respectful, don't hold yourself back. Speak your mind and don't be afraid of what others will think. While you may inevitably turn some people off, you will likewise make connections with those who fit with your personality.

If you hold yourself back and don't allow your true personality to show through, you won't anger anyone, but you'll also never excite anyone either. Being interesting is about provoking the thoughts of others - not playing it safe on the sidelines.

Step 3


You may think this step is a little bit ridiculous - after all, how can you practice being interesting? Believe it or not, this final step is very important. Although you can think about being interesting 24/7, it'll never translate into your real life encounters if you aren't practicing.

In order to practice, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. After all, your mom and your best friend will always find you interesting. Talking to them won't help you accomplish your goal. There are a number of ways you can practice, including:

- Make plans to go out to lunch with people at work (if you don't already).
- Join an organization that fits with your interests, like a book club or fitness organization. This will really help you showcase your passions, which is one of the keys to being interesting.
- Set a goal to talk to one new person each day. This could be a co-worker you never talk to, a random person in the grocery store, etc. This will help you step outside of you comfort zone. There's nothing to be afraid of here, because these are people you don't know! Who cares what they think?
If you can follow the above few simple steps, you'll be on your way to becoming an interesting person. If you know your passions, can be yourself, and are willing to put some time in practicing, there's no doubt that you will accomplish your goal.

Tips & Warnings

- You will need to step outside of your comfort zone to accomplish the goal of being interesting. This will seem awkward at first, but you'll be so happy you did it.