2007 nissan maxima

Anyone who's currently living in ATL or at least been to the city before knows there is a lot of highway in and around the metro area.  I want to share my story about how one day, on my way home from work, I reached 12omph.  Fact: In Atlanta, there's plenty of opportunity to drive like a raging lunatic and also plenty of opportunity to create a major pile up due to the traffic.  Disclaimer: To be safe, I want to be sure that a pile up never happens as a result of this article - which is one of the several reasons you should NEVER drive over the speed limit (or at least more than 5 miles over)!  Because it's reckless and dangerous to your self and everyone around you.  So don't do it!

BUT - if you have a moment when you are driving like a lunatic (over 100mph+) in Atlanta, here's what I've learned from experience:

First - know your vehicle.

Don't even think about trying these speeds on your car if you have any sort of hybrid or a car that gets more than 30mpg!  The wind resistance you'd feel (not to mention a screaming engine) should be enough warning to tell you not to go past 85.  At the time I performed this stunt, I was already on the highway heading back from work and driving a 3.5L V6, 255 HP, 2007 Nissan Maxima.  Yeah, I know it's not the most elite of sport car - but it got the job done.  Even as I approached 120mph, the steering was tight and the ride was remarkably smooth...and no screaming engine.  The VQ engine built by Nissan has received numerous awards as one of the best engines ever built.

Second - observe your surroundings.

As you already know, driving this fast is illegal and possibly considered wreckless driving...plus there can be cops anywhere waiting to clock you and haul you off to jail.  As I was on my way home from work driving south on the interstate -I checked front and back to be sure no obvious cops were within eyeshot.  I also wanted to be relatively sure that traffic wasn't congested and there was a straight path ahead of me (obviously at these speeds you don't want to do a lot of turning or weaving in and out of traffic).

Three - GO!

I saw my opportunity for lunacy open up and I began increasing my speed...60, 70, 80, 90.  I must say, when reaching 90 on a highway with a speed limit of 65, you start to feel a little tense as your heart rate starts to increase.  You clutch the steering wheel a little harder as you notice how quickly you're passing the other cars.  I kept the pressure on the pedal - 95, 100...110...115.  At 115, I recall how slow everyone was moving....almost as if they weren't moving at all, and somehow time felt as if it were slowing down as I focused on manuvering this projectile known as my car on the interstate.  As soon as I hit 120mph, I immediately let off the gas and begin to lightly press the brake to bring my velocity back in rhythm with the other cars.  Time speeds back up again.  I now have to call someone and tell them what just happened.

I must admit that the fleeting thrill from going that fast was probably not worth it...at least on the interstate.  What if something bad would've happened?  Going this fast needs to be done in a controlled environment...like a racetrack.  But, nevertheless, it did create an experience that I will remember for some time.