Success (19594)Being successful is something that everyone strives to achieve. It's an almost universally desirable trait, yet each person defines success differently. For example, you might consider being able to afford rent and food as being successful, while someone else may define success by the number of luxury cars they own.

When you don't feel successful, you sometimes feel lost on how exactly to become successful. There's no easy way to do it, but there are some things that will guide you in the right direction.

Things You Will Need

- An open mind
- A strong desire for success
- Friends and/or family to support your goals
- A plan/set of goals

Step 1

DictionaryDefine "Success" For Yourself

As previously mentioned, "success" can take on several meanings depending on the person who defines it. While the definition of success may vary, the key to even begin thinking about success is to define it for yourself.

Try not to look at how other people define success. Maybe your next door neighbor has a large house and several luxury cars, and he considers himself successful. That's great - for him. Just because that's how he defines success, it doesn't mean that's how you have to. Think about what would make you feel accomplished. Step away from all distractions and interruptions, and give yourself a few minutes to think deeply about what would make you feel successful.

Step 2

Create A List of Specific Goals

Once you know what you consider "success" to be, you should come up with a list of very specific goals. Good goals have the following characteristics:

1) Challenging - You don't want your goals to be easy to achieve. While you don't want to stress yourself out, you want to have goals that help you reach your full potential.

2) Realistic - While you want your goals to be challenging, you also want them to be realistic. There is nothing less motivating than creating a goal that is impossible to achieve.

3) Specific - Vague goals are difficult to achieve, because you won't know exactly when you achieve them. For example, instead of setting the goal "Become more outgoing," try making the goal more specific by saying "Become more outgoing by joining local organizations that align with my interests."

4) Measurable - Your goals should not only be specific, but you should be able to measure them so that you know when they've been achieved. Using the previous example, you might say, "Become more outgoing by joining 3 local organizations that align with my interests."

5) Has a Deadline - You need to give your goal a deadline in order to create some urgency to achieve it in a timely manner. Using the previous example, you might say, "Become more outgoing by joining 3 local organizations that align with my interests by the end of this year."

6) Public - One great way to help hold yourself accountable for your goals is to let other people know about them. Public goals are more effective than ones that you keep to yourself.

Step 3

Laughing (19599)

Have Fun!

One way to quickly burn out and make your goals seem like chores is if you hate what you're doing. It's so important that you do something you're passionate about and have fun with it. Ultimately, that'll help keep the fire burning so that you can achieve your success.

If you follow the above steps, I am confident that you will find success. Just remember to stay dedicated to your plan and don't be afraid to call upon your friends and family for help and support.

Tips & Warnings

- If a goal suddenly becomes impossible or your interests change, feel free to alter your plan. It doesn't need to be set in stone if it's unreasonable.
- Don't let instant success make you lazy. Even if your results start to come easily, stay focused on your goals, and make them more challenging if necessary.