There are millions upon millions of broken homes throughout the worlds. Not everyone has a house,with a white picket fence, a car, and 2 supporting parents advocating you and your every move. Sometimes your parents may not be better well off. Maybe they don't have the funds or resources to afford that house, picket fence, or car. Or maybe your parents are corrupted people; where physical and/or emotional abuse are common occurrences. Growing up in such conditions does not mean that you are condemned to lead such a life yourself. I will present to you the keys to success.

Don't Give In
I cant stress this enough-do NOT give in to the pressures of your life. Remember, nothing is forever and as long as you are aware and conscious of your surroundings and adamantly want to change it, then you will progress through life. It is truly a cold world out there, and if you are not well equipped you are bound to be miserable.
Nothing is forever; you might be miserable now but once you take the initiative and take control of your life then you will be destined to live a happy and successful adult life.

One huge factor to potential success is Education.
The level of education is also important; the minimum level of education you have to reach is a High School Diploma or the equivalent (GED). If you don't have these credentials under your belt, then you wont even have an inkling idea to what success is. Frankly, you will not be going anywhere at all if you don't have a H.S Diploma or a GED at the least. If you didn't have to chance to get these, then I suggest you go and get these credentials immediately.

If you didnt have the chance to get before mentioned credentials, then you should. If you went and got your GED, then you will most likely have a seat in a community college. If you followed everything step by step, then good.
You're in a community college, which usually offers associate degrees in 2 year's time.Community colleges are horrendously cheap, so most forms of financial aid will cover it. So don't worry about costs. Community colleges are also flexible about instructional time so that students can also have a part time or full time job while also being a student.

An Associates is a Small Step Above a High School Diploma.
Now its time to get your bachelors degree. If you do your research early enough during your first year at the community college, then you can possibly sniff out articulation agreements.Articulation agreements are just that...agreements between the community college and a 4 year college. As soon as you graduate from the community college and get your associates, then credits are easily transferred between the community college and to that particular 4 year institution. If you signed and agreed to the articulation agreement, then you will be on your way to your bachelors right after your associates degree! A bachelors degree will make the transaction from a crappy life at home, to a more rewarding adult life much easier.

You have probably noticed that I put a lot of stress on education...
Its because education is key to success! Without it, you're going to have a hard time succeeding. Remember to stay focus. Don't hang out with the wrong crowed. Don't start drinking or doing drugs. Don't get yourself pregnant.
You don't want to be a statistic, and I don't either. So lets work together and lets be successful individuals.

Tips & Warnings
-Don't give up. Stay focused.
-If your parents are really are getting in the way of your success, then don't even pay attention to them. They don't even deserve that.
-Keep focused. Not doing so equals failure.