Working on a cruise ship in the United Kingdom

Tips on how to become a ship captain

Cruise Ship TravelWorking in a cruise ship is a fun and exciting job that can be extremely rewarding, there are many different careers that are available on a cruise ship and here are some tips on how to become a cruise ship captain in the UK.

Firstly it is a very important job and there is no fast track way to becoming cruise ship captain. What you will need to do is plan from a very early age and keep your grades at school high. This means studying maths, science, and also being proficient in computers. You will need to be in the top percentage of your class to be able to get into a decent maritime college. Here you will have to study everything there is to know about ships and seafaring, you will also finish with a degree in maritime studies meaning that you can go one to start your training.

Here are the certifHow To Become A Cruise Ship Captain(111552)ications to get and these are:

  • (BST) Basic Safety Training
  • Watch Keeping for Seafarers
  • International Convention Certification

Once you have these qualifications then you can start your training as a crew member of cruise ship. You will usually start by getting a position of third mate officer and work your way up through the ranks. You can take opportunities for promotion when they arise but you will have to show extreme dedication and talent in your field. The reason is because there is a lot of competition for the position of cruise ship captain and not too many opportunities come up for this main role.

This is just some basic information on how to become a cruise ship captain in the UK, you should also remember that you need to keep up all of your certification whilst you are rising through the ranks meaning extra studying on top of what you’re doing. Is job requires a lot of dedication and you will need many hours of see experience to get up to the position of cruise ship captain. This will mean a lot of dedication of not only work time but also your personal life as well. You will have to put your career first before family and friends if you want to progress to this esteemed position.

If you are currently in school or college and are thinking of finding out ways on how to beCruise Ship Travel Tipscome a cruise ship captain in the UK then it is important you visit your local maritime college website. You need to do is book and put them within adviser who will be able to take you through the process of applying for the correct courses that will lead to your end goal. It is important to starts when you are extremely young as this industry does not employ late starters. Right from school you will need to be thinking about becoming a cruise ship captain and work towards that goal. The job is very rewarding and the pay is very good as well plus you will be able to travel around the world.