Steps to take if you’re a dentist migrating to Australia


To practice dentistry in Australia you must be registered with the Dental Board of Australia. Following there is an outline of the process you need to take to gain registration with the Board:

1. Dentists trained in Australia must complete the required academic training leading to a dental degree. This usually takes four to five years.

 2. If you were trained overseas then there are three ways to obtain registration with the Dental Board of Australia:

  • Enrolling at an Australian dental school where they may be granted credit for previous study. 
  • Recognition of their overseas dental degree.
  • Successfully completing the Australian Dental Council examination process.


Recognition of an overseas dental degree


If you obtained your degree in the United Kingdom, Canada or Ireland, you may be able to obtain registration in Australia. In that case you should head to the Australian Dental Council official website to get more information. There are certain pathways you can take to have your degree registered quickly.


If your degree wasn’t obtained in the UK, Canada or Ireland


In this case you’ll have to undertake and pass the ADC exam. There are different stages and fees in this process:

1. First off, you have to apply to establish whether or not you’re eligible to take the exam.

2. If your suitability is established, then you can proceed to the first stage: an English exam.

3. The next step is the preliminary examination, which is a written exam.

4. Finally, provided you’ve passed all the exams mentioned above, the final step to get recognition in Australia is a practical examination.

Each stage of the exam is complex and dentists who have been trained overseas should put a lot of effort in getting the best preparation they can get. There are lots of sample questions and guides out there, but honestly there’s no single website or source of information well structured. Whenever you try to get information from these sites, you end up more confused than when you started, so instead of focusing on studying for the exam you waste time trying to figure out what the exam is all about.

There are many resources to help people succeed in this exam. Some of them offer guides and courses and others try to explain a little bit better the whole system. However, it's really difficult to find accurate information online.

Cheers and good luck with your studies.