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There are a few requirements to become a fighter pilot in the Navy. The majority of people who aspire to this career are not likely to make grade. What the navy looks for in potential fighter pilots is much more than the ability to be able to fly some of the world’s most high-tech and expensive aircraft. Personality, leadership, the ability to make quick decisions and survive in some very tricky situations is just some of the traits that a person will need to either already posses or show great potential for learning.


There are several things that a potential pilot can do in order to boost their chances of meeting the requirements to become a fighter pilot in the navy. This is a highly prestigious and rewarding career. The selection process will be difficult and not every eventuality can be prepared for. There are however some key things that should definitely anticipated and prepared for.


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As with any career in the military fitness will be a major factor. You may think that the fact that you will be mostly sitting in the cockpit of a plan you will not need to worry too much about physical fitness. Not only will you need to prove that you are physically fit during the selection process, you will be expected to maintain a certain level throughout your career. This is for a number of reasons but the main two is that firstly everyone in the military is a soldier first and then whatever their chosen specialization second. If you were to end up in a situation where you had to crash land behind enemy lines your fitness and fighting skills will most likely be called into action. The second reason for maintaining fitness is that flying is not as easy as it may look. It is not just a case of just sitting there flicking switches and turning the controls. The body is put under a lot of stress during a flight and you will need to have good physical fitness to come with it.


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One of the requirements to become a fighter pilot in the Navy is that a person will have to first become an officer in the Navy. To become an officer that person will need to have passed their A-levels in certain subjects. In other words the Navy are looking for highly intelligent people to join their ranks as officers. The path to becoming a fighter pilot is a long one and along the way the potential candidate will need to prove that they have the advanced knowledge needed to operate effectively in the Navy. There navy offers plenty of training and are renowned for developing peoples skills but to be selected a candidate will need to be able to demonstrate that they have taken the time to go out and try to learn some aspects of operations. This proves, amongst other things, that the candidate is keen and is likely to enjoy their career.



In addition to making sure you can meet the physical demands and demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of the military you should get yourself mentally prepared for a change in lifestyle. Many people do not realise how drastic a change life in the military will be and are not mentally prepared for the way things will be. It would be very disappointing to go through the long processes required only to find out that it is not something that will be suitable to you. It is important to speak to close family members and get different opinions from them. This is not so they can talk you out of it but it can help to get different peoples perspective on life in the military. It might also help to clarify in your mind whether you are likely to meet the requirements to become a fighter in the Navy.

Everyone has a different idea of what preparation to take and how long beforehand to begin this preparation. There are no hard and fast rules on preparation. Some people have been preparing for military life for most of their childhoods by attending things like the Navy Academy. Most people who make through to become successful fighter pilots have been preparing for it since their school days. Applications to become an officer are usually taken at an early age depending on the individual’s grades or what they are projected to achieve. Once a person has decided that they wish to become a fighter pilot, there a several routes that they can choose to achieve this.

Reserve Officers Training Corps


The Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC for short is good way to meet the requirements to become a fighter pilot in the navy while still carrying out other studies or work. Your normal studies will be adapted to incorporate additional training to prepare you for becoming an officer. This extra training will be delivered through extra military training course, scheduled weekly exercises and meetings and military training camp. On successful completion then you will have the opportunity to apply to start training as a pilot.

Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School (OCS) is probably the shortest route to meeting the requirements to become a fighter pilot in the Navy. It offers the opportunity for candidates to become officers with four months of graduating from college. This will be done through an intense education and training session which is not for the faint hearted. At the end of the four months the candidate will still need to apply for pilot training in the usual way.


The list of requirements to become a fighter pilot in the Navy is quite thorough. Only top candidates get through to the exciting part of flying around in the expensive airplanes. Good preparation, physical fitness and knowledge will go a long way to giving you an advantage and making the process a little easier. Without at least these three elements it is likely that you will not even make it past the selection process.