How to become a Life Coach.

So you're thinking that becoming a Life Coach may be the best career choice for you. You want to make a good income. You want to be your own boss. You're an energetic person that likes helping people. You are the perfect candidate to become a Life Coach. Where do you start though? How do you start? How much will it cost you? Below you will find a summary of everything you need to know to become a Life Coach.

Things You Will Need

As with any career, you need to have the right personality to become a Life Coach. You must love working with people and be an energetic person. If you are looking to work for yourself you must have an office where you can do this. Maybe even work from your own home if it will be quiet and peaceful during your business hours.

Step 1

What Is Your Background

To become a Life Coach you will need some kind of experience with Life Coaching. Some people use their counseling background, psychology background, or even their personal experience with helping friends as the credibility to why they are qualified to become a Life Coach. You do not have to be certified to become a Life Coach. There are no regulations set in place that define how much education or training you need to become a Life Coach. However, you do need to be qualified to become a Life Coach. There are 3 main ways in which you can become a qualified Life Coach.

Step 2

Take Classes

This is the most popular way to become a Life Coach. You can take classes online or attend a Life Coaching School. Upon completing the classes you will be given a certificate, thus making you a Certified Life Coach. The price can vary drastically from around 100 dollars all the way up to a couple thousand dollars for the course/training. A lot of people will not pay for a Life Coach unless they are certified.

Step 3

Hire A Life Coach

You can hire a Life Coach to train you. S/he will be able to teach you what you need to know to become a Life Coach. Make sure you find a very successful and respected Life Coach to train you. This will give you great credentials when someone wants to know where you received your training. As good as this way is this still does not make you a Certified Life Coach.

Step 4

Just Say you're a Life Coach

If you have training in a related field to Life Coaching or simply feel you are qualified, you can just call yourself a Life Coach. Some people even become Life Coaches simply because they are good at helping people set and reach goals in their lives. The major disadvantage to this is that you may find it hard to build a good customer base without any training or certificate to show off. If you're good at what you do though, the word will spread and people will pay to work with you.

Step 5

Do It

Once you feel that you are qualified to become a Life Coach then it is time to do it. This is the part that a lot of people have trouble with. If you have a great idea, then you must first act on it before you will begin to see any results from it. You should first have a business plan before you try to go to work for yourself though. After you do, you should be well on your way to a financially and personally rewarding career as a Life Coach.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The 3 ways in which you can become a Life Coach. Once you put your new career into action you will be well on your way to living a very rewarding life. Both financially and personally. Good Luck with your choice to become a Life Coach.

Tips & Warnings

Research as many Life Coach Training programs as you can before spending any money. As with anything online, there is always a risk of wasting money on a scam. Be sure to thoroughly check into any program/school you may be interested in.

Be sure you have a well thought out business plan before trying to start your own business. If people see you struggling with your own goal of being a successful Life Coach, they probably won't trust you with helping them reach the goals in their own life.

Talk with as many successful Life Coaches as you can. The advice they can give you could be priceless while building your own Life Coaching Business.