Sell Prepaid Legal Plans To Earn Extra Money

If you enjoy the independence and flexibility of being self-employed, you might want to look into how to become a pre-paid legal independent associate. A pre-paid legal independent associate sells prepaid legal plans to people or businesses who may benefit from these types of services. An associate should know the difference between the different available plans, what they include and what they don't include in their pricing structure. Having a solid understanding of the different plan differences can help ensure that you sell the right plan to your customers. There are many different prepaid legal companies that are always recruiting new employees and associates. A pre-paid legal independent associate can make excellent money if they are able to recruit enough new prepaid subscribers, who are usually known as plan members. Many people do this type of job as a second job to make supplemental income. If done right, this can be a great job with many available benefits.

There are many people that may have never heard of prepaid services. Prepaid legal services involve paying a fee every month for the privilege of having quick access to an attorney without having to pay a large retainer fee. These services are great for people that do not want to pay the big expense of having a private attorney on retainer at all times, and usually have minimal needs that would require these types of services. Of course, the services available to the members of the prepaid legal service will vary from company to company, and are not all-inclusive. For example, a pre-paid legal attorney may be able to write you a legal letter or review a contract, however, should your case escalate and need to go to trial in a court of law, the pre-paid attorney would not be able to do this under your plan benefits. You would then have to pay an hourly rate for the attorney to represent you, as established by the attorney or pre-paid legal company. Many pre-paid legal attorneys will offer a discounted hourly rate to prepaid legal members. This can allow you to save money on lawyer fees while retaining an attorney who is already familiar with your case.

If you do decide to become a prepaid legal associate, you will usually get the additional benefit of a reduction in your own pre-paid service fees for yourself and your family. Some associates will take on this job for this benefit alone! Other companies will allow you one or more months of free prepaid legal services, or a plan upgrade. A prepaid sales representative will be required to travel in the local area, while recruiting new members and explaining the benefits of buying prepaid legal service. Be sure to check and see what your required coverage area is before you commit to working for a particular company.

If you are considering purchasing prepaid law services for yourself, your family or your employees, be sure to read the different plans carefully. Some plans offer minimal or infrequent coverage, while other plans allow for greater flexibility and more frequent contact with your prepaid attorney. Depending on your needs, this can mean the difference between a plan that is useful to you and a plan that is a waste of monthly fees. Some of the more expensive prepaid legal plans will allow you to have a private attorney who can handle a substantial amount of legal matters without you having to pay more money. This may be a good option for small businesses or individuals who require a significant amount of legal services on a regular basis. If done correctly, becoming a member of a prepaid legal service can save you a tremendous amount of time and money on your legal bills while helping to ensure that you are prepared, should a legal matter arise in the future. In this way, it can almost be viewed as a legal insurance policy that is there to cover you for a limited amount of needs should you have a legal matter that you need assistance with.

Whether you want to become a prepaid legal associate or want to buy prepaid attorney services for yourself, be sure to do your research before signing on with a company who offers prepaid services. This will help ensure that your investment, whether time or monetary-based is spent well and that you will receive maximum benefit. After all, the whole point of the service is to save you money on attorney fees while ensuring that you are an educated consumer with a viable resource available should you require it.

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