Have you ever watched bull riding on tv? Or been to your local rodeos and thought "hmm thats neat and that looks fun, I think i'd like to do that." Well I know I have been in that exact position, So I took a chance and signed up for a bull riding school, which is definately the best way to get started no matter your age. I started riding when I was 17 years old, so i've been riding for a few years now. There are a few tips I can offer to the beginning rider, but the most important thing is to just practice and get on real live bulls. You can't be a professional sports athlete without actually playing the sport now can you? Bull Riding is no different, some people call it the toughest sport in the world, and for good reason to! They say its not if your going to get hurt bull riding. It's when. The real heart in it though is to get right back on once your healed up! Being a bull rider will definately take lots of heart and dedication so be prepared, it truly is a way of life. It takes work, but it is totally worth it. The adrenaline rush you feel when your on the back of an animal that can literally sling you wherever it wants to, sometimes bulls way over 1 ton! But enough, now I will go on to the tips for beginners I can offer.

Remember to make sure you hold on tight and squeeze with your knees and legs, keep your free arm in the air and dont let it touch your body or the bull, thats very important to remember because you will get disqualified if you touch either one. Which is not very fun when you pay the entree fees to the rodeo just to get disqualified and not even have a chance at the prize money. Anyways back on to the tips, you must also remember to keep your feet pointed out, your back straight, your chest puffed out and your chin down. Other than that hold on tight with your hand and lower body and just go with the flow with your upper body, a strong core is very important!

remember practice is the most important thing, look up some practice pens in your state or close to where you live. There are also some great forums out there that are more than willing to help you get started, they can offer equipment at good prices and plenty of amazing information, plus there real nice folks. Just have a search around.

Things You Will Need

Quality Riding Equipment Basics:

Bull Riding Vest

Bull Rope (right or left handed whichever your prefer to hold on with)

Rosin (for holding on better)

A glove (A lot of people prefer deer skin gloves)

Cowboy Boots


A helmet with a face mask

Chaps (these aren't a necessity but they are to add more flash and to add protection from falls and to the inner thighs)

You will also need a mouth piece

You will also need a lot of determination and heart!

Good luck and never give up, if you love it keep pursuing it no matter what obstacles come in your way!

Tips & Warnings

Be careful and have fun, this is a very dangerous sport.