Have you ever sat around watching awesome rap videos and felt a burn of jealousy because you're not the one who's throwing dollar bills into the air, getting all of the beautiful women, and acting a fool with your designer-clothes-wearing-bros? Well now is your chance to become a rapper! By following these five easy steps, you will learn how to become a rapper in no time. It may seem like a daunting task, but in my experience (and I have quite a bit) it is relatively easy. This is the simplest, most straight forward "how to become a rapper" guide you will find anywhere.

Things You Will Need

Strength, Knowledge, Determination

Step 1

Rap God The first thing you need to do to become a rapper, is understand the hip hop industry. It is impossible for you to become a rap legend if you're unaware of those who have paved the way. Study all of the classics as well as the modern marvels. It is impossible to jump into something and be good without knowing what to do first. Study famous rappers so you have the knowledge to know where to begin. If you go into the rap career completely blind, you'll never see the direction in which you need to go. Find out what's popular and why it's popular. This will help you know the correct angle to aim for in order to appeal to more people.

Step 2

Write! The second step of how to become a rapper, is to crank out an arsenal of dominating rap lyrics. Make sure there is some form of lyrical substance. Don't rehash old ideas that are obsolete in the rap industry. It's easy to like 50 cent and Tupac and want to emulate their violent rap nature, however, remember that gangsta rap is completely dead. If you want to become a rapper, avoid nonsensical areas of rap that died long ago. Study the direction of modern popular rap, and try to emulate the current trend. I would recommend writing in the style of Kanye West or Kid Cudi, by etching down intelligent raps that will have universal meaning in different areas of culture, rather than appeal to a small subculture. Basically, the best way to become a rapper is to write lyrics that everyone can appreciate, and do them in a style that is relevant. Make sure that your flow is smooth. When you finish lyrics, put yourself into a mindset where you didn't write the lyrics. Read them as if they weren't yours, and ask yourself if you would enjoy them if someone else rapped them. If the answer is no, toss the page in the trash can and start again. The writing process may take a while, so continuously practice! Also, keep a small notebook with you wherever you go. Write down anything that pops into your mind that seems cool. You wouldn't want to lose valuable rapping material!

Step 3

Beat Making If you want to know how to become a rapper, you must have a little assistance. Chances are, you're acknowledgeable about making beats for your music. In the internet age, it isn't hard to find a DJ to mix sweet beats for your rhymes you wrote in Step 1. Checkout aspiring Myspace DJ's who are mixing rap beats, and would probably offer you the beats for free for a little bit of credit in the liner notes of your album. Also, you could learn to make your own beats. Several computer programs exist for free that allow you to make your own beats. Do some exploratory research online to find the best method. The music makes all of the difference in rap, and can be the difference between an awesome song or a dud.

Step 4

Tell Em The next step in how to become a rapper, is to have a gimmick. Have something that separates you from 99% of the rest of the crowd. There are thousands of rappers out there that are extremely talented, yet go unnoticed because nothing sets them apart from the fold. The concept of the gimmick is the reason why two, low-class, white-trash, uneducated, losers from Detroit are now multi-platinum selling rap artists. The gimmick can be anything from a youtube video displaying a dance to go with your songs, to a big ego that gets you into trouble at awards shows. Just be sure to do something that makes you different than everyone else. This can help you achieve your dream and will truly be the answer to success.

Step 5

Who Shot Ya? After you've accomplished all of the previously mentioned steps, there is one more you must take advantage of if you really want to know how to become a rapper. The key of success is to embrace the lifestyle. Go full force into the career, and don't just treat it as a hobby. Live and act the part of a rap God. Go out and purchase a fur coat and walk with your head held high. When someone asks you what you do for a living, don't tell them about your part time job, just say "I'm a rapper." Confidence is key in the realm of success. If you do not live the part, you will never achieve the part. After reading these steps, you should successfully know how to become a rapper. Enjoy your new lifestyle of fame, fortune, women, and excess. During your road to becoming a rap legend, remember to have fun on your journey.

Tips & Warnings

Rap artists typically suffer from lives of crime and violence. Be cautious.